Increase Torrent Speed – Here Is Why It Will Never Work

Increase Torrent Speed

Today’s topic is how to Increase Torrent Speed. Haven’t we always wanted better torrent speed? No matter how much you have. You just can’t get enough of it. Our obsession with torrenting speed has often resulted in trying out those tricks from several websites including YouTube videos. And believe me, ever since I was a child till date I haven’t found luck with it. So in this article, Let us have a look at why trying to increase torrent speed never works.


Factors that affect the Speed

Local Factors

In the image below you can see that there are 3 computers with User A, B, and C. Now A and B are connected to each other locally and C is somewhere far with multiple connection points 1,2 and 3 in between.


Increase Torrent Speed - Here Is Why It Will Never Work 1

If users A and B have to share files between them, they can directly do so without the need for torrents with the maximum speed available. This speed does not rely on the internet or anything.

  • The capacity of the wire
  • The capacity of network card of the devices
  • The capacity of the router
LAN wire, network cards, router

I always see people talk about complicated stuff when it comes to torrenting but they always miss out on important factors.

Now we are talking about local file share, The usual network cards that people have in their newer devices are of 1 Gigabit. The common routers are around 300 Megabits and the wires can also mostly take 100 Megabits. Now you might be having a different setup but I am just giving a general example. Since you have a 1 Gigabit Network adapter, you believe that you should get 125 Megabytes in speed. But the router is only capable of only transferring 300 Megabits which is 30 Megabytes.

Even if you wanted to bargain at 30 Megabytes, The cable/link connecting you to the router is only capable of 100 megabits or 10 MegaBytes at best. This is a pure case of bottlenecking where one weak component affects the other stronger ones as transfers will happen with only 10 Megabytes which is the cable’s limit. Now imagine a torrent that can be downloaded at extreme speed. But it is your weak hardware creating the bottleneck.

Foreign Factors.

how torrent works

Look at this image again. User C is somewhere far away. Probably in another country. If this user created a torrent and you were to download it. The first problem would be the one we have already discussed. You wouldn’t be able to cross the 10 Megabyte mark. Secondly, since there are multiple points in between, maybe one of them could become the bottleneck again, it might have too much traffic and comparatively weaker hardware. Resulting in lower speed.

Seeders & Leechers

There has already been too much discussion about it and the general idea is to have more seeders.  I’ve also discussed seeders and leechers in this article. This is true, but keeping the above factor in mind, good seeders from a location that doesn’t have a great link with mine is of no help at all. Usually, this doesn’t happen most of the time as we are not the only ones downloading it and someone from our locality already has the file and is now seeding it.


We tried to understand the reason behind our good or bad torrent speed. Irrespective of how many software tweaks we try, most of the time it is the physical barrier. I have usually never had any problems with the software and the default settings have worked for me.
I hope you liked the article, please feel free to pen down your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail

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  1. The one thing that does help is to limit your upload speed to a little less than the upstream speed of your provider. This prevents network saturation for the ACK packets. Be as generous as you can with upstream, but no more.

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