How To Reset AdWords Password Which Are Registered With A Different Domain Email Address

How To Reset AdWords Password
Hi guys, I am back again, hopefully, my previous article was helpful in creating a new AdWords account. Just wondering what I should let you know the procedure how to reset AdWords Password.

Try Using Different Browser Or Clear Browser Cache & Cookies

If you are facing a problem with signing into your AdWords account so you can try to use a different browser and then log in. This problem might come due to browser problems. Sometimes removing cache and cookies get the job done.
First of all, be informed that your Google AdWords account is a product of Google and Google has designed its system in such a way that it will accept the same password for all its products. Let’s say if you have an AdWords account with an email address and you want to make a new YouTube channel using the same email address so you do not have to create another password for YouTube. The same password will be acceptable. All you need to do is, go to the homepage of YouTube and then press sign in button on the top right side of the page and then sign in with the same email address and password as Google AdWords.

How To Reset AdWords Password

Imagine if you have used a Yahoo or Microsoft email with your AdWords account and you forget the password for the AdWords. 🙁
Do not worry you can easily reset AdWords password. Go to and follow the instructions. I am going to provide a screenshot of the page underneath. Please look at it.

Reset AdWords Password
AdWords Password

You can see the options there and choose the appropriate as per your need. If you have forgotten the username so you can choose the second option.
Be informed that if you have any other domain email address such as Yahoo or Microsoft so that does not mean that you will have to keep the password same as the domain. AdWords password can be different. When you will choose the third option which is ¨I’m having other problems signing in¨, in that case, it will ask the last password that you remember, Google does that just to check if you are the right person. It might ask your registered phone number and a different email address to contact you back and then a Google representative might call or email you regarding the access of your AdWords.
Hopefully, this information was helpful. I will be writing my next article on how to create and set your campaign. Till then thanks for your time. Have a good one!

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