How To Downgrade Windows Phone 10 To Windows Phone 8.1 Using Windows Device Recovery Tool – Part 2

Downgrade Windows Phone 10 to Windows phone 8.1

This article is Part 2 of the article ‘How To Upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 To Windows 10 Insider Preview’. All of you who upgraded would be enjoying the new features going to be launched with stable Windows Phone 10. But We did mention this preview version is not the stable version. It has bugs. If you’re facing a lot of issues after the upgrade then don’t worry. In this article, you’ll be downgrading back to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 insider preview using Windows Device Recovery Tool.


Windows Device Recovery Tool

Windows Device Recovery tool

Windows Device Recover tool is a very useful tool. It downloads and installs the latest and stable OS for your specific device. First of all download the tool from Microsoft’s official website.

Internet Connection

Recovery tool scans your Windows phone hardware and searches the available stable version online for your specific device. You need a fast Internet connection to download a stable OS. And you need patience till the time it’s downloading the stable version. Don’t disconnect the phone until it completes the installation. In case you disconnect your phone or switch it off, your device may break and stop functioning.

How To Downgrade Windows Phone 10 Insider Preview To Windows Phone 8.1?

Select phone Windows device recovery
Windows phone stable firmware found

First of all download Windows Device Recovery Tool. Run .exe file and the setup will download some files. Be connected to the Internet.
After the installation has completed, run the application. Connect your phone with the computer via USB cable. The application will detect your phone hardware and will give you an option to search for a stable OS version online.

It should take a minute or two to search available stable firmware.

After it finds the one, click the ‘Reinstall software’ button in Windows device recovery. Now It’ll start downloading the firmware. This will take time depending on your Internet speed. The application will automatically remove Windows 10 Insider Preview and install the stable version. So don’t touch the phone until it completes the installation and restart your phone.

My Phone Was Not Detected

Windows Device recovery tool phone not detected

If your device was not detected then click the button ‘My phone was not detected‘. Now select the brand of your phone manually and see it works for you. If you still don’t see your device listed then check you’re using the original USB cable and it’s not damaged. Also, check that your computer OS is updated.

Phone Stuck At Scanning Hardware

I had a problem. The tool detected my phone but after that, it stuck at Scanning Hardware. This issue is likely to happen if your computer OS is not updated. So please update your computer OS to resolve this issue.

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