How To Create Google Adwords Account?

how to create adwords account
Hi Guys, this article is for you if you want to kick start with Google Adwords but you do not know how. In this Article, I will be explaining how you can create a Google Adwords Account.

Firstly, you need to have a Google email address. If you do not have one already you can create one. You need to press here and you will be redirected to a page of sign up with Gmail. Underneath is the sample of how the page will look like.
google adwords account
As you can see in the image above, you can mention your first and last name as any sign up process and then move to choose your username field. This is where it gets interesting. You will be entering the email address that you wanna make but you can also use your current Email Address.
Yes you are right, you can use your current email address. There is an option underneath “Choose your username”, “I prefer to use my current email address”.  Click on this option and then it will ask you to mention your current email address. You must be a little bit confused and thinking about these questions –

Frequently asked questions before creating Google AdWords Account –

1 – Would my current email inbox going to be synced with Google ?
2 – Would I be logging into another login page except Google ?
3 – Is it safe ?
4 – Would my first email be removed ?
5 – Will I have to use the same password ?
Well nothing like that going to happen. Let me give you an example. Suppose you have an email address which is on Yahoo’s platform. [email protected] and now you want to associate it with Google AdWords Account. You need to use the option “I prefer to use my current email address” and mention [email protected], Google will create a new Google account for you with using [email protected] as a username only and you need to use Google’s platform to login into your Google’s services such as YouTube, AdWords, Google and others. Your email address is the same but if you want to login into Yahoo services so go to Yahoo’s login page and in case you want to login into Google’s Services then go to Google’s login page.
I just took a random example of Yahoo. Same can be done with any email platform and any email can be used as Gmail.
This is not it about starting up with Google Adwords Account, there is much more like, how to create first Adwords campaign, that I will be explaining in my next article how to reset the passwords for these types of emails. Till then take care guys and have a good one!

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