How Much Does WordPress Cost? - 2021

How Much Does WordPress Cost? - 2021

WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform and I have already explained WordPress in my previous articles. I have also explained how to setup a WordPress blog or website. In this article, I’ll discuss how much does it cost to create a WordPress blog or Website. So keep reading!

WordPress is the most popular content management platform (CMS). As of April 2016, WordPress was used by 26.4% top 10 million websites on the Internet. It is widely used because of its open-source nature. Anyone can download the source code and build a plugin for WordPress. So there are thousands of plugins for WordPress.

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How Much Does WordPress Cost?

Currently, I have four WordPress sites and all of them are blogs. So people around me such as Friends, relatives and anyone who knows that I’m a blogger and web developer often ask how much does it cost to host their own WordPress website. Yesterday I found that so many people on the Internet are also looking for the same answer so I thought to write down an article to help them determine the cost of a WordPress site.

Prerequisites To Creating A WordPress Site

If you don’t know what is needed to create a WordPress site, you can’t determine the cost. It is important to know the prerequisites to hosting a WordPress site. So let’s get started!

1. Domain Name

The domain name is the first step toward creating your own blog. For those who don’t know, domain name is an address of a website. Whenever you visit a website or google a query, Google gives back hundreds of addresses of websites or web pages.

The domain name also expresses what kind of website it is. Such as, is the domain name of this website and the name itself shows that the website is about Information technology stuff.

How much domain name cost?

There are so many companies that provide domain name services. Some of the popular ones and trusted are Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Bigrock. There are many more that I will review in my future articles. Out of the four I mentioned above, Hostgator costs the most. Hostgator is also the most trusted brand in the domain name and hosting market. I have used many hosting services and Hostgator has always been best.

Hostgator – Buying a domain name with Hostgator costs at least $0.95. Other domain names with special extensions such as .host, .me, etc. cost much more than this. Most people use .com domains which cost $12.99 with Hostgator. According to my, this is worth it because of the services they provide. Pointing a domain name to another hosting is very easy in Hostgator.

For Indians –

In India, the prices are obviously different and less. Here is a list of some popular domain name extensions’ price in both, Indian rupee and Dollar. Because if you’re an Indian, why pay more in dollars.

Domain extensionIndian RupeeUS Dollar
.comRs. 699$12.99
.netRs. 599$12.95
.orgRs. 699$12.95
.onlineRs. 499$1.95
.meRs. 499$15.00
.co N/A$12.95
.info Rs. 256.29$12.95
.site Rs. 499$0.95
.tech Rs. 499$3.95
.biz Rs. 699$12.95
.website Rs. 499$9.95

GoDaddy is known as the cheapest domain name and hosting provider in the industry but that’s partially true. The fact is that GoDaddy provides coupon codes for the first year that let you buy a domain name really cheaper. But renewal costs more than other companies. For example, currently, the first-time customer can get a .com domain name for $0.99. It’s cheap but the renewal is a little higher.

Here is a list of the popular domain’s price in USD and Indian Rupee –

Domain extensionIndian RupeeUS Dollar
.comRs. 955 (Rs. 99/yr click here)$14.99/yr ($0.99/yr click here)
.netRs. 1,129 (Rs. 599/yr click here)$16.99/yr ($11.99/yr click here)
.orgRs. 1,339 (Rs. 599/yr click here)$19.99/yr ($8.99/yr click here)
.onlineRs. 3,249 (Rs. 209/yr click here)$49.99/yr ($2.99/yr click here)
.liveRs. 2,026.35 (Rs. 337.16/yr click here)$29.99/yr ($4.99/yr click here)
.meRs. 1,259 (Rs. 549/yr click here)$19.99 ($9.99/yr click here)

Bigrock is another domain name and hosting provider. Their popular domain names such as .com, .net, .org costs like Hostgator. Though there are differences in services. The Hostgator’s support is better than Bigrock.

Domain extensionIndian RupeeUS Dollar
.comRs. 679/yr$12.50
.netRs. 589/yr$12.50
.orgRs. 699/yr$12.50
.onlineRs. 1099/yr $40.91

Final domain Cost

So as the final domain name will cost you $12.99/yr or for Indian users 650/yr. If you want to go with GoDaddy, their first-year plan is very cheap. But for renewal, their charges go a little more than any of the three mentioned here.

2. Hosting Plan

After the domain name, there comes Web hosting. Web hosting is the storage where your website will reside. For example, when you visit, the request is sent to the server where my website is hosted and the server provides the requested page from the hosting space.
All three companies that I mentioned above provide different hosting plans. For purchasing hosting, I recommend Hostgator. I have used Bigrock and GoDaddy. GoDaddy was the worst that I ever used. Though I had the basic plan with 500MB ram and 30GB storage but only had some 100+ visitors per day. GoDaddy could not even handle 100 visitors with 500MB ram.

(Remember – 100 visitors did not visit all at once but 100 visitors per day).

Hostgator Web Hosting Plans

hostgator hosting plans

Hostgator has three plans. Here are the plans –

GoDaddy Hosting Plans

godaddy hosting plans

Bluehost hosting plans

bluehost hosting plans

Final Web Hosting Cost

There are three plans for each web hosting service I mentioned above. You need to decide which one you need. The basic plans are for people who are simply starting out with fewer resources. Basic plans have limited memory and storage so can’t handle a huge amount of traffic. Though if you want you can start with basic plans and then when you have traffic that the basic plan can’t handle, then you can upgrade to another plan. The most popular plan among bloggers is the Baby plan of Hostgator. The baby plan costs $7.96/month and Rs. 455/month (Indian Rupee).  So I always recommend a Basic plan if you don’t want to waste a lot of time thinking about web hosting plans.

So all you need is the Domain name and web hosting for your WordPress site up and running. For the domain name, you’ll have to pay from $10.99 to $14.99 per year. Remember I’m not talking about the first-year plans. First-year plans are under offers so the renewal plan will be different. So it is better to leave the offer price when calculating the per year hosting or domain cost.

Domain cost – $10.99 – $14.99 Per Year (INR 679/yr – 955/yr)

Hosting cost –  $5.95 – $7.96 Per month (INR 499 – 599)

Hosting cost – $71.40 – $95.52 Per Year (INR 5988 – 7188)

Total WordPress Cost – $82.39 – $110.51 Per Year (6667/yr – 8143/yr)

So this is how much does it cost to start your own WordPress website or blog. You may pay less for the first year and I have mentioned the latest offers and the links in the above price tables. But this is not all. Your blog will be up and running in $82.39 – $110.51/yr (6667/yr – 8143/yr). To make it more productive you can purchase themes and plugins. There are thousands of themes and plugins for WordPress.

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3. Themes (Optional)

There are tons of WordPress themes available. To install free themes, Goto Appearance > Themes > Add new and there you can search WordPress theme repository.

4. Plugins

WordPress features can be extended by installing plugins such as SEO feature, Email marketing support, newsletter support and thousands of more useful free & premium plugins provide extend WordPress features.

Yoast SEO Plugins

yoast seo plugin


So as I said the cost may go up or down depending on the company and plan you subscribe to. The domain name and hosting plan are two needs to make WordPress up and running. Other than this, you can also purchase themes to make your website beautiful and productive. Plugins are the most useful features of WordPress. You can install thousands of free WordPress plugins or purchase premium ones. So depending upon the need for plugins, your cost may go up.

Now let me know in the comment section below if you have any questions.

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