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Video files have always been known to consume too much of your storage space, an average video file in 720p HD resolution in average quality can take up at least 1 GB of storage with only 10-15 minutes of recording . Such files become a terrible menace when we need to move or upload them somewhere, This is solved by an amazing piece of free software called Hanbdrake.
handbrake open source video transcoder
Handbrake is an open source video transcoder and compressor available for Linux, Windows and MacOS,

Let us Try

So I have a video file named on our very own website and it is 114 MB in size. Let us try to compress this video file.
compress mp4 video with handbrake ffmpeg
So I already have Handbrake installed. You can download it from here and this is how your home screen might look like.
handbrake open video to compress
You can choose to select a folder with all its videos inside or individual videos. I am just going to select my single video.
convert video with ffmpeg handbrake
Once you select your source, you will see a host of options. You can change the audio and video output quality and container. Since I want lossless compression I will leave everything to normal and hit the Start Encode button above.
To be very honest, it takes some time, do not expect magical speeds. For my i3-5005u it took around 70 seconds for that compression and here is the result.
conver mp4 with ffmpeg
This is totally acceptable and the compression was superb. Considering that my source was already using a decent encoder. I compressed a 114MB video to just 22MB Also the compression turned out to be lossless.


Handbrake is an amazing piece of software that can ridiculously compress your video size. This is very useful for people who regularly upload videos on YouTube or need to store a lot of videos. You can get the software from here.

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