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For all webmasters and bloggers who are using Google Adsense as one of the major income resources for a website, blog or a portfolio, here is a new way from Google to earn more revenue, Contributor. Contributor aims to provide site visitors less ads on the web and at the same time more earnings for the webmasters and bloggers. Webmasters can easily be a part of the Contributor and start earning right from their Websites with a completely different way.

Google Contributor

Every blogger out there knows that to run a blog is not free. It requires time to reserch the topics, knowledge to provide accurate information but the most importantly, blogging requires money. So where does this money come from? Websites monetization programs. Most bloggers use the platforms like Google Adsense and show ads on thier website or blog. In return they get some money each time when a visitor clicks the ads. Although this is how Google Adsense work, CPC basis. But not all visitors like those ads that eat up their Internet bandwith sometime or affect the interaction with the site badly. So visitors use plugins like Ad-blocker. Ad-blocker tries to block each ads on the page that user visits. It does make a blog visitor happy but at the same time, blogger is disappointed because blocking Ads means no money and no money means no more content writing. So to satisfy both, the visitors and bloggers/webmasters Google has come up with Contributor.

What Is Google Contributor?

For many of you Google Contributor is a new name but soon you’ll be familiar with all the stuff that Google Contributor provides.

Google Contributor is a two-way program, one is when the visitors like you visit a website or a blog and with the relevant information, visitors also see the ads along with the content. Most of the visitors like to read the information that they need but hate the ads that affect their interaction with the sitey. Google Contributor solves their problem and allows them to see less ads on the websites they visit by contributing to their favorite sites or blogs. At the same time part of that contribution goes to the webmaster or blogger so they’re also supporting their favorite sites by making contribution. By contributing both can be happy. Visitors won’t be distracted with the tons of ads while they’re surfing their favorite websites and website owners or bloggers will get paid out of the contribution made by the visitors.

What Ads Google Contributor Blocks When The Contribution Is Made?

Google Contributor aims to provide less ads on the websites but then a question arises, what Ads will be blocked after the visitor has contributed.

When a user contributes an amount, he’ll notice the less ads on the websites he visits. NO matter he visits millions websites a month. Any website that runs Google Ads like Google Adsense and DoubleClick for publishers, will block out the ads for you. So you get more friendly interaction with the sites.

Contributor launched with a small set of websites initially, but if a website runs Google ads like AdSense or DoubleClick for Publishers, it’s likely to be compatible with Contributor, Matt Cutts.

How Much User Needs To Contribute?

Now that you know that how Google Contributor works, it’s time to know how much you need to contribute to see less Ads.

Although this might seem to people a huge contribution to block Ads but it’s not. A visitor can contribute $2, $5 and $10 per month. Depending on the amount a user contributes Google will block ads for him. The more contributions a user makes, the less ads he sees.

Google Contributor For Publishers

For Publishers, Google Contributor will surely increase revenue because when the visitor will contribute and visit the website, then his contribution will be used to bid in the ad auction so as Google says, visitor will end up buying a slot instead of ads. The funds they contributed will be used to pay to you as your revenue. No ads block, No less revenue.

Will There Be Any Ads After The Becoming Contributor?

What if everyone contributes to their favorite sites and see no ads from Google. Will there be no ads then?

Simple answer to this question is, No. There will still be ads on the websites because not all the publishers, webmasters use Google Ads services to show ads on their websites. There are other ads networks that provide the same services so contributor will still be watching Ads on the websites that are using Ads services other than Google’s Network. But it should not discourage you  contributeto because millions of websites come under Google’s network so you will be for sure seeing less ads.

The websites that are signed up for contributor will show a badge that they’re the part of the network.

Interesting! Users Can Set Their Own Ads Instead Of Advertisers’ Ads

Yes, It’s true! After a visitor become a contributor, he is allowed to show his own material instead of ads, such as pictures etc. But that content must be served over HTTPS. After sign in click the gear icon and under “Advanced settings”, from the botton of the page provide any custom URL that you want to be shown up.

How To Use Google Contributor

Sign up for google contributor
Using Contributor is easy. Just follow up the link below and contribute to support your favorite websites or blogs and see less ads.
Google Contributor Is Here


Final point is if you sign up for Google Contributor and contribute to your favorite websites, your overall experience with the sites will be impressive, less ads. Something very important, as a visitor you’re supporting your favorite sites. If you’ve any question about the Google Contributor then please let us in the comment below. If you’ve contributed to your favorite sites then don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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