Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids

Recently, I discovered a website that I think my blog readers should be aware of. is a website that offers Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids.

The best feature of this website, which I personally like, is that everyone can access it immediately from the browser. The website is chock-full of web browser-enabled games. There are no fancy apps to download, no need to fill up your phone’s capacity, no need to register or create a user account, and best of all, no money is required to play the games. All of the games are completely free.

This is a fantastic website for kids. The amazing thing about is that it loads quickly and never crashes! So you can play for as long as you like without worrying about an annoying crash ruining your game. Each game takes between 40-60 seconds to load.

Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids

Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids games

There are already several fantastic games on The owners of the website are continuously adding new games. This website provides dozens of entertaining and free Online Entrepreneur, Business, and Money Management Video Games for Kids. and ad-free online video games for kids in the following categories:

  • Money Games
  • Real Estate Games
  • Food Business Simulation Games
  • Business Simulation Games
  • Software Development Games
  • Office Politics Games
  • Other Interesting Games

Here are some of my favorite games on

Merge Blocks

This game is so interesting that when I initially started playing it, I didn’t realize I was lost in it for 15 minutes lol. basically Merge Blocks is a merging game in which players merge smaller buildings into larger buildings.

In this game, the bottom of the screen displays the next building to play, followed by the three subsequent buildings. You can choose the square on which you want to place the construction. Place three of the same building in a row, or three connected in an L shape, and the buildings will merge into the next higher building level. Merges end up merging into the position of the final cell in the run, and merges can set off a chain reaction. When you achieve 1,000 points, you receive a hammer, which allows you to smash one of the structures on the grid to make room for another.

Merge blocks game
Merge blocks gameplay

Cash back

Cash Back is a fun game in which players use coins and bills to give clients the right change. I played this game and had a lot of fun playing it.

Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids 1

Supermarket Numbers

Supermarket Numbers is an arithmetic practice game. In this game, you must read the numerical goal in the upper left corner of the screen, and the majority of the blocks early on are addition blocks. If a block does not contain a symbol, the default numerical operator is addition. As a result, you must select blocks that add up to the numerical target displayed. As you progress through the game, new blocks with functions such as subtraction, multiplication, and division are added.

Before you may select a multiplication or division block, you must first select at least one block with no operator. As you choose blocks, the equation below the objective number changes to reflect your selections. Fill the shopping cart meter to 100% to advance to the next stage and complete all ten levels.


This website has various Free Online Financial Video Games For Kids; I’ve just highlighted a few of my favorites.

I admire the owner’s concept of giving Financial video games for kids. There are so many categories, and I appreciate the idea of free gaming: no add-ons, no demos, just full-fledged free gaming.

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