Facebook Faces Legal Challenge in India Over New Privacy Policy

Facebook Faces Legal Challenge in India. Since the day of Facebook has revealed the update of its privacy policy for WhatsApp Users. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his company WhatsApp has been facing criticism. At the time of the Facebook and WhatsApp deal in 2014, Facebook did not show any intention of sharing the users’ data with Facebook.

Facebook Faces Legal Challenge

India is home to 1.35 Billion people and WhatsApp has 400 million users here. WhatsApp has been known for its security and privacy.

A senior Layer from India Named Chaitanya Rohilla. He has filed a petition in New Delhi High Court. A Media Channel Reuters has seen the petition.

The Layer said in his petition to the high court, WhatsApp has made the mockery of the fundamental rights to Privacy he said. He also said that the company has jeopardized National Security by sending the data out of India. Facebook is saving the data of Indian consumers out of India thus governed by foreign laws. Facebook’s decision to impose the new privacy policy on its users is arbitrary in Nature.

Facebook did not respond to the request to comment on this matter. It has previously said the new policy does not affect the private chat of Users. The new WhatsApp policy only affects the interactions with the businesses.

The court will hear the petition on Friday.

Facebook Faces Legal Challenge in India this time but they will be more actions like this from other countries as well.

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