Chrome Or Firefox Extensions To Improve Facebook

Today we will talk about some Chrome and Firefox Extensions. If you use Chrome and want to take more control over the content you see on Facebook and enjoy more of the social network, we have the tools for you. Facebook is the largest social network in the world, used by 80% of Internet users, so the chances that you have an account on the site are quite large. However, Facebook has some shortcomings that can be improved with third-party tools that will make you much happier and raise your user experience mainly because they give you more control over what you can see, do, and who you want to read.

Firefox Extensions


flatbook chrome plugin

Although many users complain tirelessly every time Facebook changes something in its design, many if we would like to see the appearance of the page evolve a little and perhaps be a little prettier. If you like flat design and want a cleaner Facebook interface, the Flatbook extension is for you.

In addition to changing the colors and icons for brighter and more pleasing ones, Facebook Flat adds quick access to the main sections, improves the readability of the text, eliminates the ads and in general looks much more attractive.

Friends Feed

friend feed for facebook chrome

With Friends Feed you can filter out all the annoying noise that is generated on Facebook when you have too many friends. With this active extension you will only see the stories of your friends and the pages that you follow, that is, you will never see publications that your friends have liked and that do not interest you.

Ghost for Chat

ghost for chat chrome facebook

Ghost is an extension for Chrome that will help you to disappear from Facebook chat so you do not have to worry about chatting with someone and expose yourself to other people to see you online. You will not leave the trace that says when it was the last time you connected, the green circle of connection will not appear next to your name in the list of contacts of others, you will not appear in the chat list, nor will the confirmation of that you have read the messages of a chat.

Facebook Demetricator

home chrome facebook demecrator

Facebook Demetricator is an extension that seeks to make us stop obsessing with the numbers of “Likes” and the other empty interactions we receive in the social network. Look for the focus to stop being the figures of how many friends we have, or how many times something was shared, and let it become more important who interact with us and what things they say.

This extension completely eliminates all Facebook metrics, an interesting way to stop relying on quantification and see how little importance it has at the end.

Photo Zoom

photozoom facebook chrome plugin

Photo Zoom for Facebook is a very useful tool whose main utility is to save you clicks. Instead of having to open the images that appear on Facebook in a new space to be able to see them in a larger size, with this extension the only thing you have to do is to move the mouse cursor over them and you will see the image floating in one size larger


chrome plugin facebook rather

What if instead of some things that bother me, I see what I like? With the Rather extension, you can take great control over the content that appears in your Facebook feed. The tool allows you to replace things you do not want to see with things that you like. For example, you can create a filter to block Game of Thrones spoilers and replace them with photos of cats.

Ensky Album Downloader

ensky facebook album downloader

It is quite difficult to get third-party tools to do something about the way Facebook lets us download the images. With Ensky’s Album Downloader you can download complete albums of photos in a single click, both in image format and in a compressed package in ZIP format.


At times we might feel boring and will not know what next to do on Facebook, with the list above..we can now control our privacy, download, and even more. What other extensions do you use for Facebook? Let us know below…

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