Can people in IT solve any Technical problem?

Can people in IT solve any Technical problem? 1
Can people in IT solve any Technical problem? 2
Can people in IT solve any Technical problem? 3

Being a web developer, I spend major parts of the day glued to my computer screen. For some reason, this makes people think I know everything in the world about computers and technology. This leads to my family and friends turning up to me every time they are unable to understand something on their phones or computers or the Internet. So, I have already told you how my friends and family expect me to solve virtually anything that goes wrong with their tech.

Now the thing is, I may not know everything about everything. But I always have access to the Internet, a little curiosity, and a sudden urge of finding out something that I don’t know. This leads to me going out of my daily routine and eventually finding a solution to said problem. I can’t always fix it myself, but I can surely find out what’s wrong.

So this gives them the idea that I am the guy that can solve anything. This habit of mine has carved a personality for me that attracts too many requests. From installing windows to set up an office. A problem with their social account or just anything under the sun that has even the slightest connection to technology.

Now the question is, Can I really solve any technical problem ?. I would call it a 50-50 situation. As I already said that we have access to the Internet, so we have access to information from millions of other people. Most probably a problem that we are facing has already been reported and solved by someone else. All I have to do is just search the internet. From the perspective of a busy person, this sounds extremely tiring and frustrating.

Since almost every IT person has to deal with providing free tech support to their friends and family. I know people who are into electronics but they still can’t escape the calls for tech support. Though it looks and actually is very frustrating. there is a greener side to this.

I solve tech problems in my circle. So even though I am just a web developer, I have learned a lot of skills in solving the problems of other people. These skills may or may not have been related to my area of expertise but I will say I have surely learned a lot. So I can edit videos, do some good photoshop, open and repair laptops, computers, smart-phones. I once learned how to manage an enterprise-level wireless router and a lot of other things that I probably wouldn’t have normally.

But something that I find annoying is people expecting me to do something within minutes. Something that non-tech geeks need to understand is that one cannot memorize all features or errors. We as tech-savvy people just look at the screen, see what buttons do, maybe try clicking something and then act upon it. So it gets really frustrating when someone asks me which button should they click next without me knowing what options are available.


A person working in the IT sector is subjected to a lot of requests regarding technology. These requests may or may not fall in the zone or range of their expertise. The Internet is too big for anyone. So it becomes virtually impossible for someone to be able to solve everything thrown at them. But I feel that trying once in a while to solve things beyond our field of expertise opens up new doors for us.

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