C# vs C++ vs C

C# vs C++ vs C difference is one of the most confusing questions for so many students When they start learning programming languages. This confusion is due to a common alphabet C in the name. Let me tell you they are not at all same. Further in the article, I will explain each and every programming language and its use so that you can easily understand their contrast and uses.

c# vs C++

If you want to understand this topic as detailed as possible. You are highly requested to go through our previous article which is Type of Programming Languages. After reading that article you should read this one. If you have already gone through that article or you have a good understanding of types of programming languages, you can continue reading this article.

What is the difference between C# vs C++ vs C

Lets talk about each and every programming language first.

In high-level languages, there are two types of programming languages. Procedure Oriented Programming Languages which are also called Procedural programming language. Another type is Object Oriented Programming language.

C# Programming Language

The C# programming language is multi-paradigm programming, object-oriented programming language. It was developed by Microsoft in around the year 2000 as a part of .Net Framework. The syntax of C# is a lot like Java programming language. In case you are interested in learning more about the history of C# programming language. You can go through our previous article by clicking on the Hyper-link.

Microsoft has spent billions of dollars in the development of C#. The C# is developed to work on all kinds of computers. It does not matter if you are using a Linux or Microsoft or Apple, C# works on all of them with the help of CLR. CLR stands for Common Langauge Runtime.

C# is designed to develop enterprise applications. There are two main aspects of developing an application, Frontend, and Backend. Most applications are good in designing only one aspect very well but C# is developed to solve this problem. It can design both frontend and backend.

The C# is a high-level language to it works close to the human being. Its syntax is very similar to the English language and writing code in C# is like writing English Sentences. The C# is not as fast as C or C++ when it comes to speed but developing an application in C# is way faster than C# thanks to its vast libraries of pre-defined functions by Microsoft.

It is often said in the developer’s community that, in C or C++ programmer runs fast but in C# the developer runs fast.

Usage of C# Programming Language

The C# is used in various types of applications like Web Applications, Frontend, Backend, Games of Microsoft Playstation called XBOX and Sony Playstation, iOS and Android application development etcetera.

C++ Programming Language

C++ is a superset C programming Language. A superset programming language is a language that extends an old language. A Danish Computer Scientist named Bjarne Stroustrup started developing C++. C++ was developed keeping in mind the limitations of the C programming language.

C++ Programming Concept

C++ is developed with the concept of Classes. That means C programming language supported only procedure-oriented programming and C++ supports object-oriented programming language. This development made C++ an advanced programming language. C++ is still developing because this is the only language that carries the legacy of C programming language that is giving high performance in low resources and has been developing with time. The latest C++ has object-oriented generics and it provides low-level memory manipulation.

Usage of C++ Programming Language

Due to the basic nature of C++ programming, it is a performance-focused programming language. It is mostly used in designing Programming language compilers, Kernels of operating systems, Web Search Engines, SQL Servers, Video games, Performance-oriented desktop applications like Antiviruses etcetera.

C Programming Langauge

C is a very important programming language in the history of computers. C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in Bell Lab in 1972, about 48 years ago. As you might know that there are two types of Programming Languages. First, there is a low-level programming language and then a high-level programming language. Low-Level Programming language works very close to the hardware and High-Level Programming language works close to human beings. If you want to understand more about low and high-level languages, I have written an entire article on the topic. You can click on the link above and go through it.

C Programming Language Demands Less Computing Power

C programming language was developed when the computers were very new and not as fast as they are nowadays. Those days were of Diodes and Tripods. The computers did not have much computing power, C language is developed to perform nicely on low computing power machines. It consumes very low computing power. That is why C is still in use nowadays when other very advanced programming languages like Python and C# are already developed and famous. C has an influence on many advanced programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP etcetera.

C Programming Language follows Procedural Programming Concept

Another important point to remember about the C programming language is its programming method. The c programming language is a Procedure Oriented Programming language. A procedure-oriented programming language does not have data security. It only makes use of variables, methods, and conditional statements like If, If Else etcetera. This is why writing code is C is practically more difficult than other advanced programming languages.

Usage of C Programming Language

So many students who are new to the programming language may think the C language is useless but you will be surprised to know the Mars Curiosity Rover is programmed in C programming language. Take a moment and think about it. Mars Curiosity rover has 2.5 million Lines of Raw C Code that runs the entire rover on Martian soil.

I know you must be thinking if there is no data security then, What makes C so impressive that NASA decided to write code for the Mars rover in C.

Not in every machine that requires programming needs security. Such an example is Electronic Calculator. Why in the world an electronic calculator needs data security. The C language is best for such devices because they have very limited computing power and very limited energy source to generate computing power.

The Mars Curiosity rover has very limited computing and energy sources. This is why it is important to make the best use of these resources.

I hope you have developed some level of understanding of the contrast of C# vs C++ vs C.

See you next time guys, Take Good Care of yourself.

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