Blogging Tips – 5 Essentials To Start Blogging As A Career

We have seen how blogging has changed lives of millions of people. All they came up with the correct start, a purpose of blogging, right tools and most importantly, skills. I believe that with some plannings, anyone can become a successful blogger. So today in this article, I am going to give 5 blogging tips. Actually, these are the 5 essentials before you start blogging career as a career.

1. Good Planning Saves Our Time And Brings Success

plan to blogging career
Launching a blog is not a rocket science. With platforms like Weebly, Wix and Webs etc. it merely takes 10 minutes to start your own beautiful blog or website. But how beneficiary it is going to be after a year without any planning? Have you ever asked yourself few questions like, “What to write about on blog? How to attract visitors to your content? How to make people love the content you write? What/When will I get profit?”. All of these questions are important to become a successful blogger. If you have not asked yourself these questions then you must, after all, a good planning always pays.
If you are worried about all these questions then you are proceeding with the right content. In this article, I will walk you through the essentials to start your blogging career. So let’s get started with very starting!

2. Is it Part time or Full time?

blogging as a career
Though we are talking about Blogging as a career so there is no question of doing it in Part time. But most people when start blogging, they have not much in their hand. They are either busy with their study or job. If you are creating a blog without thinking about time that you can give to your blog, then you are missing something very important. One of the factors of a successful blog is time. If you think posting one article in a month will make your blog stand out, it is wrong. Though it was no problem if you’re blogging just for fun. For fun, you can even post once in a year. No problem! It won’t give you much money.
Making blogging as a career means you’re going to make it a source of your income. And like other businesses, it can not survive if you don’t invest time. The more articles you the write more people read it, the more popular it becomes and of course the more money you earn. There is no limit how many articles you publish on your blog. You can publish 10, 15 or even 20 in a week but take care of the quality. The fact is when you try to write more and more articles in a week, it becomes hard to maintain the quality of your articles. Personally, I suggest just 5-10 quality articles in a week.

What if I don’t have much time?

no time for blogging topic
But what if you can not leave your job or study. Don’t worry, it is very common that people have other jobs in their hand that earn them living. However, they can still start a blog and post 2 or 3 quality articles in a week. Blog will still have great chances to stand out.

3. What To Blog About? Or Best Blogging Topic

There have been written hundreds of articles on how to select best blogging topic. I usually see people recommending to choose blogging topic based on the earning it can give. I think that is not the appropriate way. I do agree one of the factors that earning depends on is the topic but I don’t recommend you start searching for the topic that earn you the most.
My way of choosing a topic is not based on money but my own knowledge and experience. Let’s say I search for a topic and I find clothing is the topic that people search a lot about but I don’t have any knowledge of clothing quality or styles. Even without having any knowledge on the topic, I launch my blog on this topic. Now how long will I go with this topic? Believe me not so far. Writing about something that you don’t know is not a good idea. So what is my way?
As I mentioned above my way of choosing topic is based on the knowledge and experience. I should know my expertise. What I know and what I can do the best. For example, If I am a programmer I can write programming tutorials, solve common programming problems that a lot of programmers have. It will attract hundreds and thousands of new programmers and you’ll soon have many readers on your blog appreciating your content. And no doubt you will earn.

4. What Is the Best Blogging Platform?

This is the question that people don’t give much attention to when starting a blog. The blogging platform plays an important role toward making a successful blog so it’s worth giving time to it.
Only publishing articles is not important, you should also be able to write great content easily. I divide blogging platforms into two types. Firstly, platforms that are readymade. You don’t need to purchase a website builder, web hosting, tools, themes and sometimes domain also with readymade blogging platforms. All you need is sign up and subscribe to a plan and everything is ready to use. The company takes care of your data. Most blogging platforms don’t allow you to move your blog somewhere else. You’re not allowed to install third-party apps for extending functionality accept the ones that company has provided. Mostly such platforms are limited in functionalities and poor in providing SEO features to improve search engine ranking.
The second type of blogging platforms are self-hosted such as, WordPress, Joomla etc. Here you will need to purchase hosting space and a domain name. You have to install a CMS or platform yourself. If you purchase domain name and hosting from two different companies then you’ll also need to point domain to hosting. Self-hosted blogging platforms are rich in feature and allow you to install third-party extensions to extend functionalities. By installing SEO plugins you can improve your blog ranking in search engines. Most importantly you have complete access to your data. In case, anytime you want to change hosting company, you can backup the blog and restore it on other hosting space.
I have used both types of platforms and I recommend self-hosted blogging platforms that provide complete access and thousands of plugins to extend functionalities. There are more benefits with self-hosted blogging platforms. You can use WordPress the most popular blogging platform in the World. Here is the complete tutorial that provides step by step guide to start your own self-hosted blog.

5. Grasp Some SEO Skills

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In short, there are the rules of search engines and to bring huge traffic from search engine we must follow those rules. In SEO we study the rules and conditions of search engines.
best blogging platform for seo
SEO knowledge and skills are very important for any blogger. Writing without SEO knowledge is like writing blindly. It’s essential that, in starting, bloggers should at least know how search engines work and then they can extend their SEO knowledge as they go along the way. I am not saying one must master SEO before launching a blog. Start learning SEO from how search engines work and how keywords play roles in bringing huge traffic to your blog and later on you can equip yourself with SEO techniques.


Finally, keep patience. There is no time that someone can predict the time of success. Go according to the plan and as mentioned Keep learning SEO. I’ll post more articles in future to help you along the way. Keep visiting TheITstuff to check out latest articles. Sharing is caring. If you like this article, share it with your friends and family.

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