Bing is now Microsoft Bing

Microsoft has been making very minor changes to its product names. Earlier Microsoft changed the name of Windows Internal security software from Windows Defender to Windows Security.


Bing is now Microsoft Bing

Recently on October 5, 2020, Microsoft changed the name of its Search Engine from Bing to Microsoft bing. The search engine is the biggest competitor of the world’s most used search engine Google Search.

Search Volume Charte July 2020

If you will open the homepage of the Bing Search Engine, you will find the logo of Bing has also been changed. On the homepage, the Microsoft logo is there and for the favicon, the upgraded bing icon is shown.

You will also see a new option on the homepage of Microsoft Office. Look at the screenshot below.

Bing Homepage

All the options of Microsoft Office are now available on the Homepage. Microsoft also changed the name of Microsoft 365 to Microsoft office recently and now the bing. Let see which name changes in the Future.

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