The Biggest Problems With UC Browser

Before we even begin talking about the cons, I want to establish the fact that I have been a devoted UC Browser user for the past 3 years. I really love the download speeds I get, the ultra-sleek user interface, and the eye-catching icons used for tools. I was a Chrome for Android user in the beginning but I migrated to UC on a friend’s recommendation. But in the past 1 year or so,  I have seen some changes that have made me rethink my choice and now I feel like migrating back to chrome again.

The Unwanted Notifications

uc browser's annoying ads notifications

I am sure I am not the only one who gets these unwanted notifications every few hours. These clickbait articles are a real pain and the worst part is that you get them every few hours.

I tried closing them down from the notification settings but they still kept appearing with less frequency.

The News Homepage

uc browser's embarrassing news homepage
uc browser homepage settings

Another unwanted section that is completely useless. We completely understand that the UC browser is free to download and it may require funding but this is not the way to do it. The homepage features news articles that are extremely distracting and unwanted. Sometimes when you are in a professional or family environment some of these click baits might even cause awkwardness.

And they even have a setting for that. To Turn the UC News Display ON / OFF. And guess what, I tried that too. In the image below, You can see my efforts on the left-hand side and the output on the right-hand side.
And clickbait news isn’t enough, they have started adding some unnecessary features. So let’s include them as well.

UC Music

uc browser adds uc music player

UC browser integrated a music player in their browser to play music. It’s just something that works, nothing too fancy. So why even have it? What’s the point? Who needs a music player in their browsers?

It’s not even like it will play audio from the web directly via that player in the background. Instead, it is a music player that plays offline music. So why have it? I mean it is not even good enough to be used as a primary music player. Even if it was, it doesn’t run independently of UC Browser. So why would someone have his/her browser running just to use your Music Player?

The Quick Access Bar

uc browser annoying quick access bar

I have seen 9 out of 10 average users have this bar hanging around in their notification area because it comes default with the installation and they don’t know how to get rid of it. The settings on the right get the job done.

But I still wanna ask, “Why does it come by default ?”. It’s a headache for most users. If we want it we will enable it. Why forcing the users though.


UC browser is still one of the top players in the game. It provides one of the best experiences, however, I am not sure what UC is trying to prove by packing more and more unwanted features in their browser and forcing the user to use them. I have loved UC for its speed and design. But recent experiences have led to me having a second thought about my primary browser.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail

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