Best Websites For Programmers

As a programmer, you will often find yourself as a permanent visitor of some websites. These can be a tutorial, reference, or forums websites. So here in this article let us have a look at the best websites for programmers.

Best Websites For Programmers


W3Schools is one of the best websites for beginners as well as experienced web developers to learn various programming languages. You can learn HTML5, CSS3, PHP. JavaScript, ASP etc.

More importantly, the website holds a lot of resources and references for web developers.

w3schools logo

You can quickly see various keywords and what they do. The website is very interactive and it allows you to try and practice the code in an embedded editor on the website itself. The website is one of those few that you will frequently visit as a web developer.


GeeksforGeeks is a website mostly focused on computer science. It has a huge collection of algorithms, solutions and programming questions.

geeksforgeeks programming support

The website also has a good stock of most frequently asked questions in interviews. Since the website is more about computer science in general, you will find a solution to all programming solutions in most famous languages.


The de facto place for learning anything. Tutorials point has some of the finest and easiest tutorials that can teach you any programming language. What I really love about this website is that it is not just limited to generic programming languages.

tutorialspoint programming website

You can find tutorials for almost all frameworks of all languages on the planet.


You probably already know this that stack is the place where programmers meet. You ever get stuck solving some of your code, just ask a question on stack and programmers from all over the internet will be there to help you.

stackoverflow linux programming website

The best part about stack overflow is that almost all questions get answered. You might as well receive answers from several different points of views of other programmers.


Hacker rank is a website where you can participate in various coding competitions and check your competitive abilities.

hackerrank programming forums

There are various contests organized in various programming languages and winning in them increases your score. This score can get you in the top ranks and increase your chance of getting noticed by some software company.


Since we are programmers, beauty isn’t something we look after. Many a time our code can be difficult to read by someone else. Codebeautify can make your code easy to read.

code beautify programming forums

The website has most languages that it can beautify. Alternatively, if you wish to make your code not readable by someone you can also do that.

So these were some of my picks for the best websites for programmers. If you frequently visit a site that I haven’t mentioned, do let me know in the comment section below.

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