The Best Google Easter Eggs You Didn’t Know

Best Google Easter Eggs

Best Google Easter Eggs are hidden features or tricks that are a part of a system. Our search engine giant Google has a plethora of these hidden eggs. Let us have a look at some of these cool easter eggs.

Google in 1998

When you type ‘Google in 1998’, it gives you a view of how Google would look in 1998.

search google in 1998 easter egg

Do a Barrel Roll

This will make the tab window do a barrel roll. The window will make a 360-degree rotation before displaying the search results. The same result can be achieved by typing ‘Z or R twice’.

wubba lubba dub dub

This results in google suggesting you ‘I am in great pain please help me’. This is a reference to the TV show ‘Rick and Morty’.

Zerg rush

easter egg zerg rush

Searching for ‘Zerg Rush’ on Google will make an army of Google’s O character to eat up the search results. You can defeat them by clicking on those Os. If you don’t do that before they eat the entire page, you will lose and the Os will form 2 G, meaning Good Game.

Flip a coin

google easter egg flip a coin

Feeling uncertain about a choice? Just search for flip a coin and Google will flip a coin and return either head or tail.


easter egg pacman

Type in Pacman in the search box to play the game in Google’s results. You get to play google’s doodle version of Pacman right there in your browser window. This is the best google easter eggs according to me. I really it.


Searching for <marquee> will result in the marquee effect being applied to the results count.


google askew

Searching for askew causes the tab window to be skewed. The window is slightly tilted from left to right.

Dinosaur Game

If you ever get disconnected from the internet and don’t know what to do.
Just Hit space and the dinosaur running game will start. This should keep you occupied till your internet gets connected.


<blink> causes the word ‘blink’ from the search results to blink just like the HTML tag.


google easter egg festivus

This will show an image of the festivus pole to the left side of the search results.

Conway’s game of life

Searching for this phrase will bring a running configuration of the game to the right side of the web page.

Roll a die

Very similar to flip a coin, roll a die will roll a die and return one of the six outcomes.

easter egg roll a die

sonic the hedgehog

This will bring up a knowledge graph of sonic. When you click on it, Sonic will jump. After 30 clicks/jumps, Sonic will transform into supersonic. The same result can be achieved by typing ‘green hill zone’ or ‘sanic’.

Tic tac toe

easter egg tic tac toe

Searching for tic tac toe will give you a small browser version of the game that you can play against Google.

Fun fact

easter egg fun fact

Merely searching for the fun fact will ask a question and give its factual answer. You can then ask another question to read a new fact. These were some really cool Easter Eggs from google. Hope you liked them. If you know some that I haven’t included in this article, comment on them down below.

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