The Best News Reader App

The Best News Reader App

The Best News Reader App

What’s better than starting your day with the best news reader app from the world served to you from your smartphone itself. So here in this article, we have a list of the best apps for reading news.


1 . Dailyhunt

Undoubtedly the best application for news from tens of sources. Dailyhunt provides you with a  lot of newspapers and magazines to choose from. Dailyhunt has support for over 14 languages. It can even detect your location to provide you with the most relevant news from your locality.
The app also displays scores of various sports in real time. You could set up the newspapers you wish to read and it will be modified in your feed.

2. Flipboard

One of my personal favourites, Flipboard has been around for a long time in the app market.

It asks you to choose your areas of interests and based on that brings you news that is most appealing to your locality and reading habits. It first displays a shorter version of the article and you can read the entire article if you wish by clicking on reading more. The best thing about Flipboard is its interface. Reading the next news item involves a flip animation which looks really cool.

3. Google News & Weather

Just gonna say ‘It’s from Google’. This app serves news from over 75 thousand publications worldwide. Quickly browser headlines and only read the in-depth news of things you find interesting, Providing location access to this application can bring more relevant news and weather information.

4. Inshorts – News in 60 words

This one is a little different. While all other apps are trying to give as much information as possible, In short, isn’t.  It actually tries to sum up news in 60 words by only putting the highlights and important facts. You won’t see unnecessary opinions on topics, just plain facts. The app caters to Hindi & English readers and is very famous in India.

5. BBC News

What do I say about this? BBC is the international standard for news. Honestly, there is nothing unique as such about the app and it offers very generic features like adding your topics and customizing your feed. The trust here is that the quality and accuracy of news provided is always reliable.
So these were some of the picks for the best apps for reading news. Which app do you use for reading news? Let us know in the comment section below. 
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