The Best Puzzle Games Android

The Best Puzzle Games Android

Best puzzle games android smartphones gaming is no longer the usual bullets and punches. Users have shown a lot of interest in casual games that test their intelligence. So here are some games from the Quiz and Puzzle genre, that you can test your problem-solving abilities with.

The Best Puzzle Games Android

The Best Puzzle Games Android

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a fun to play colorful arcade game with many levels. The main objective of the game is to feed Om Nom, the central character with candies. These candies are attached to various ropes so you need to cut different ropes attached to it to make it perfectly fall in Om Nom’s mouth. The game starts of on an easy note but soon becomes very challenging.

Flow Free

Flow Free is a game about connecting dots. You need to connect colored dots of the same pair by drawing lines in a grid-like system. The challenge here is that two lines cannot overlap.

Unblock me

This is a game about creating a route. You need to reposition various blocks of wood to create a route. The game feels tough from the beginning itself. The game-play is extremely simple but you will find it frustrating when you cannot solve it.

Brain Dots

This has been among my personal favorites. Brain Dots is a very innovation driven game. There are 2 balls that you need to collide with each other. These two balls are usually kept away from each other and there are some obstacles in between. Use your imagination to draw lines or weights that can bring those two balls together.


Help a cute little robot find his way home through 50 beautiful levels and a lot of obstacles. Teh game play doesn’t rush, it is calm and will give you a very relaxing feel while you solve it.

Bridge Construction Simulator

Become an architect and create bridges on a valley with given materials. You need to create a strong bridge with the given materials that can withstand big vehicles on it.

4 Pics 1 Word

This is a classic title people have been playing for years. You get 4 pics that have a common relation among them. You need to type in the correct word for that relation. To make things easier the game offers you a given list of characters that contain the alphabets that make the word.

Light House

So there is a forgotten lighthouse somewhere in the sea that needs energy. Based on the physics of light. Use various components and send energy to that lighthouse so that it can help lost sailors again. The game-play is cute but equally entertaining.

River Crossing

Our under 18 people might not have heard of this. This game is actually a type of homage to the classic River Crossing game that a lot of us have played on flash. This game is too complicated to be explained here, but you will enjoy solving it.

So these were some of my picks for the best Puzzle games for Android. If i missed any of your favorites, please let me know in the comments section below.

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