Audacity – Remove Background Noise From Audio

Remove Background Noise From Audio. To record high-quality audio you need 2 things – a noise cancellation microphone and a quiet room. Sometimes you may not have any of them. To solve this we have audacity’s Noise Reduction. Let us quickly go through this feature and show how easy it is to remove background noise from audio. I hope you already have audacity installed on your system. Else, just head over to their website and download it. The installation is pretty simple just leave everything as it is and keep clicking next.

Step – 1

open audio in audacity

Open your audio file, you will see a waveform like this

Step – 2

From the effects drop-down click on Noise Reduction.

audacity effects noise reduction

Step – 3

A window will popup, click on Get Noise Profile.

audacity noise reduction get noise profile

Step – 4

Then select a region of pure noise. The bigger the noisy region the better it is. Just make sure that region doesn’t contain the actual important audio parts.

audacity select noise profile

Step – 5

Remove Background Noise From Audio

Now click on the effects tab again and click on Repeat Noise Reduction. This will reduce the noise from that particular part. You can see the image below with the reduced noise from that part.

Step – 6

audacity noise reduction effects
noise free audio audacity

Now click Ctrl+A to select the entire audio and again click on Repeat Noise Reduction from the effects tab.

Done! Noise has been reduced from your audio. Easy, wasn’t it? Here is our noise-free audio clip.


You can note the change in waveforms from the first and last image. This is the result of the noise being eliminated from the audio clip. Audacity notes the waveform of our selected noise and removes all instances of it from our clip. It was amazingly simple to eliminate noise from audacity. If you ever get stuck somewhere just drop in a comment.

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Mohd Sohail
Mohd Sohail

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