Android RAMs – Biggest Misconceptions

Android Ram has always been a hot topic for consumers and companies ever since the inception of smartphones. Brands have manipulated android users into the more the merrier scheme and given out a lot of incorrect information about RAMs. So let us have a look at the biggest misconception regarding Android Ram here in this article.

More Android Ram is Always Better

I wouldn’t exactly say it isn’t, but not in the context that it is usually mentioned. I have always seen android smartphone manufacturers make the amount of ram on their device a selling point in their phones. Without even considering the DDR(Dynamic Data Rate) which is the rate at which data can be transmitted to and from the processor.

Having 6 or even 8 Gigs of RAM in your smartphone is pure useless if it is of DDR3 in today’s time. Coz it will always be bottlenecked by its speed. In that case, it would rather be more beneficial to buy a phone that provides lesser ram but with DDR4.

The Free Ram conspiracy

check free ram in android

I have always followed a lot of technical youtube channels that do smartphone unboxing and reviews and one thing I always hate is that for some reason they just love to talk about how much free RAM a smartphone has with a few apps running. We often compare the amount of free RAM we have after launching some apps and compare them to our other friends. Seriously? I have a Xiaomi device that runs MIUI which is a heavy custom ROM and you have a smartphone that has a stock android. There can be no comparison, there are too many variables to consider even before thinking about it. The Ram management on your OS is different from mine.

And Most importantly, what are you going to do with that free ram? Take it home for dinner? A lot of well-developed custom ROMs try to use available ram as cache storage to improve overall performance. If you launch a new app, this system just allocated it some ram by clearing some cache.

Clearing Recent Apps from Ram Saves Battery

check recent apps in android

What do I say about this one? I have followed it myself for quite some time. We often clear apps from our Recent tray thinking that they are consuming battery but this is not at all true. The common notion is that if a lesser Ram is being used, it saves energy. This is another misconception as no matter how much Ram you use, 4 Bytes or 4 Giga-Byte, the amount of energy to keep the ram running will be the same.


There have always been big misconceptions regarding smartphone RAMs. We discussed some of these above. What you can take from this is that your smartphone is already handling your ram well, often better than you think. It’s a Smartphone after all.

If you have anything to share or any questions, suggestion, feel free to use the comment section below.

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