Android Messages – Use Messaging From Your Computer As I Message

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Android Messages

Android Messages – Use Messaging From Your Computer. Apple vs Google has always been high on-trend. Both companies offering trying to offer similar or better features. But when it comes to messaging, Apple has always been a step ahead. Apple’s I-Message is an extremely good messaging platform with support for mobile and desktop as well. Google has taken a step in this direction by recently launching Android Web Messages.

Android Messages

With Android Web Messages, we will be able to send and receive messages right from our browsers. For this to work, you need to have the Android Messages app installed on your phone. This app is usually the default messaging app on phones with stock Android. User’s with other Roms such as MIUI will have to download the app and set it as their default messaging app.

First of all, open up the app, and in the 3 dot menu select messages for the web. After this, visit from your web browser and you will see the following window. There will be a QR code that you need to scan from your device. This will pair both your devices.

The pairing is lightning fast and once it’s done, you will see all your messages listed like the image below. The Interface is clean, no clutter at all, no unwanted animations, nothing extra.

There is a settings option right from the web, but the options are for the web interface itself and not the real messaging settings.


Everything about Android Messages on the Web seems to be a WhatsApp web rip off. It’s rather very disappointing that this comes from Google.
Once your phone disconnects from the internet, the web interface becomes absolutely useless. When I first heard the news of Android Messages on the web, I was very excited. But it hasn’t really lived up to expectations. The android message is miles away from even coming close to I Message. Personally, I am not sure if I am going to use this feature at all. But do let me know if you plan on using it and what you think about it.

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