Importing AdventureWorks in SSMS

What is the Adventureworks Database

Adventureworks Database is a waxwork database that is designed by Microsoft. Microsoft provided it for developers who want to practice SQL queries and they don’t have real databases. This is very challenging to form a database that is huge and complex enough that we can use to practice SQL.


Also, a database is not something those big companies will share publically for people who want to exercise SQL queries. That is why Adventureworks is produced by Microsoft for developers. It’s a huge database that has all sorts of tables, database diagrams, views, stored procedures etcetera.

How to Import Adventureworks to SSMS

If you want to use Adventureworks, first you need to import it to SSMS, and then you can use it. Further, I will explain the process in simple steps with the screenshots. The option you need to click is highlighted in yellow.

Step 1

Open SSMS and click on Connect to log in.

SSMS Login

Step 2

Right click on Database and choose Restore Database.

SSMS database

Step 3

Click on the three dots in the yellow to import the database.

SSMS database import


Click on Add button.

SSMS adventureworks file import

Step 5

After this, a Window will open where you need to browse the downloaded Adventureworks file.

SSMS adventureworks file browse

Step 6

Click on the Adventureworks file and press OK. This will take some time for the database to be unzipped and imported to SSMS.

SSMS adventureworks file imported

Step 7

Press Ok

SSMS adventureworks file imported Successfully

Step 8

Press OK again and restart the SSMS.

SSMS adventureworks file imported Successfully completed

Step 9

After restarting the SSMS, you will see all the tables, stored procedures, views, and all.

SSMS adventureworks tables

In our earlier articles, we have understood what is data and database. After that, we learned how to install SQL Server and SSMS. Now the SSMS is ready to practice.

After these articles we will start learning SQL Queries, we will begin with simple queries first and then will move to complicated once.

Stay Tuned. Take Care Guys!

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