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Excel Shortcuts. In the journey of learning Microsoft Excel, we learn a lot of functions and keywords. We learn several techniques to handle and manipulate data. It will be really helpful if we learn to use shortcuts. So here I am with 100 shortcuts. These shortcuts are collected for Windows users. Let us begin.

100 Excel Shortcuts

1Control + NCreate New Workbook
2Control + OOpen a Workbook
3Control + SSave a Workbook
4Control + BTurn the highlighted Cell in Bold
5Control + CCopy Highlighted Cell
6Control + DFill the selected cell with the content of the cell right above.
7Control + FShortcut to Find in Find and Replace Window
8Control + GShortcut to Go to Window
9Control + HShortcut to Replace in Find and Replace Window
10Control + IShortcut to Make the content italic
11Control + KInsert Hyperlink in a Cell
12Control + LTo Create New Table
13Control + PPrint a Workbook
14Control +RFill the selected cell with the content of the cell on the left.
15Control + UUnderline Highlighted Text
16Control + VTo paste anything that was copied
17Control + WClose the current Workbook
18Control + YTo undo Control + Z
19Control + ZTo Undo Recent Action
20Control + 1To Open Format Cell Window
21Control + 2Alternative to Control + B
22Control + 3Alternative to Control + I
23Control + 4To underline the selected cell text
24Control + 5Put a strikethrough in a cell.
25Control + 8To show the outline symbols.
26Control + 9Hide a Row
27Control + 0Hide a Column
28Control + Shift + :Enter the current time in a cell.
29Control + ;Enter the current date in a cell.
30Control + Shift + “Copy the formula from the cell above.
31Control + –Delete Column or Row
32Control + Shift + +Insert Column or Row
33Control + Shift + ~Switch between displaying Excel formulas or their values in the cell.
34Control + Shift + @To apply time formatting.
35Control + Shift + !To apply Comma Formatting in numbers in the cell.
36Control + Shift + $To apply Currency formatting in the cell.
37Control + Shift + #To apply date formatting in the cell.
38Control + Shift + %To apply percentage formatting in the cell.
39Control + Shift + &To apply the border in the cell.
40Control + Shift + _To remove the border from the cell.
41Control + SpacebarTo select the entire column.
42Control + Shift + SpacebarTo select the entire sheet.
43Control + HomeTo move to cell A1.
44Control + Shift + TabSwitch to the previous workbook.
45Control + Shift + FOpen the fonts menu under format cells.
46Control + Shift + OSelect the cells containing comments.
47Control + DragDrag and copy a cell or to a duplicate worksheet.
48Control + Shift + DragDrag and insert copy.
49Control + Up ArrowTo go to the topmost cell in a current column.
50Control + Down ArrowTo jump to the last cell in a current column.
51Control + Left ArrowTo jump back to the first cell in a selected row.
52Control + Right ArrowTo go to the last cell in a selected row.
53Control + EndTo go to the last cell in a workbook.
54Alt + Page downTo move the screen towards the right.
55Alt + Page UpTo move the screen towards the Left.
56Control + F2To open print preview Window.
57Control + F1To expand or collapse the ribbon.
58AltTo see the Shortcuts for Menu and Toolbox.
59TabTo move to the next cell.
60Alt + F + TTo open the options.
61Alt + Down ArrowActivate Filters for Cell.
62Alt + H + HTo open the background color pallet.
63Alt + H + BTo open the cell border pallet.
64Alt + M + FTo insert a function.
65Alt + A + V + VTo open the data validation window.
66Alt + A + R + ATo refresh the sheet.
67Alt + F + CTo close the Microsoft Excel.
68Alt + N + VTo create a pivot table.
69Alt + M + U + STo enter the sum formula in the cell.
70Alt + M + U + ATo enter the average formula in the cell.
71Alt + M + U + CTo enter the count numbers formula in the cell.
72Alt + M + U + MTo enter the max formula in the cell.
73Alt + M + U + ITo enter the min formula in the cell.
74Alt + M + U + FTo insert formula in the cell.
75Control + Alt + +To zoom into the sheet.
76Control + Alt + –To zoom out from the sheet.
77Alt + 1To turn on autosave.
78Alt + 2To save the workbook.
79Alt + F + ETo export the workbook.
80Alt + F + ZTo share the workbook.
81Alt + Y + WTo know what’s new in Microsoft Excel.
82Alt + Y + HTo open the help menu.
83Alt + R + CTo add a comment into the cell.
84Alt + P + OTo change the page orientation.
85Alt + N + TTo insert a table.
86Alt + H + 5To align the cell text to the left.
87Alt + H + 6To align the cell text to the right.
88Alt + M + TTo find text formulas.
89Alt + M + KTo find error checking.
90Alt + M + NTo open name manager.
91Alt + M + LTo find logical functions.
92Alt + M + ITo find account functions.
93Alt + H + FCTo open text color pallet.
94Alt + H + ARTo align the text to the right.
95Alt + H + ALTo align the text to the left.
96Alt + H + ACTo align the text to the center.
97Alt + A + XTo check existing connections.
98Alt + M + KTo do error checking.
99Alt + A + SSTo open the sorting window.
100Alt + P + MTo set the page margin.

I hope the Excel shortcuts in this article will be helpful for you. Please leave a comment for any suggestions or feedback. Check out our previous articles as well.

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