What Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) ? How Can You Benefit Out Of MOOCs?

Massive Open Online Courses abbreviated as MOOCs are the invention of the modern era in the education field. MOOCs represent the new way to receive high-quality education without even leaving your room. With MOOCs providers, World top universities launch free & premium courses on various topics. For example, Programming, Marketing, Science and any other you name. In this article, I’ll explain how you can benefit from MOOCs provided by large platforms.
What Are Massive Open Online Courses


Massive Open Online Courses, as the name suggests are the online courses on various topics. Users of any major interests can find, join and pursue MOOCs for free. Most courses provided by the top universities are free and these universities only ask for a fee when users want the certificate of their studies in a particular topic.

How Can You Take Benefit From MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) ?

Nowadays the more skills you have the more chances are companies going to hire you. More skills widen the work area and you can apply for different jobs in different fields. When you’re a programmer in Ruby then why not learn Ruby On Rails to add one more skill on your resume.
Similarly, if you’re in marketing area then you can master various topics in marketing. And each topic adds value to your resume and you get promotion.
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If you’re a researcher then you can join and complete the courses for your particular topic. Nowadays we have large number of courses from researchers who have quality knowledge. So their courses can help you the most.
But like before If you’re still thinking to leave your Job to join and complete required courses that adds skills to your resume, then it is for sure not the right decision. MOOCs don’t require to leave your job or even your room. Most MOOCs require you to sign up, join and complete course process. The highly advanced platform teaches you automatically step by step. Once the chapter ends, it starts another chapter of that topic.
MOOCs have been proved to be the most beneficial for entrepreneurs who learn independently. So if you’re just a student then you can join and pursue courses of your interests.
Here I’m going to mention some of the large MOOCs providers. You can find almost any topic you want, from World history to Advance programming and graphics designing.


edX is one of the most popular MOOCs provider. It has the massive number of categories, from Architecture, Communication, Computer Science to Electronics, Humanities, Music and Science etc.
edX MOOCs categories
On edX, you get the courses from the most popular and Top universities, organizations and companies such as Harward, UC Berkeley etc. Also top companies provide courses and training for their own products such as Microsoft provides MSWord training and MSExcel traning etc.
edX Massive Open Online Courses


Udemy is another large MOOCs provider. Udemy has 35,000+ courses and over 7 million students enrolled in different courses taught by 19,000 instructors around the globe. Great!
Udemy has large number of courses on any topic such as, Business courses, Design courses, Development courses, IT/Hacking courses, Marketing courses, Music courses etc. On Udemy you get high-quality courses created and published by individuals like you, so most courses require a fee for complete course access. There are also small courses that are for free to join.
Udemy MOOCs categories
With Udemy you can be a teacher. If you master a topic then you can create your own courses and publish it on Udemy. You can even sell your courses on Udemy and earn handsome money from those courses.


If you are seeking for programming courses to expand your area to code, CodeAcademy is the one to join. With CodeAcademy you can learn HTML & CSS, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, SQL, Java, JavaScript, PHP and many more for free. Each of the course starts from very basic level and covers advanced topics in each programming language.
CodeAcademy learn to code
CodeAcadmy has been widely used around the globe with almost 25 million learners. And this is how CodeAcademy explains that how coding can be beneficial for you.

So Are You Ready To Join MOOCs ?

So it was all about MOOCs, atleast for this time. I mentioned only three MOOCs provider. There are many other that I’ll talk about later on in a saperate article. For now enjoy the learning and power your resume with your favorite skills.
If you want to suggest me any other MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provider then please do in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to join it and learn from it and finally review it on TheITstuff.com. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family to help them learning new skills.

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