What is jQuery?

jQuery is the most popular Javascript library to build websites frontend. In this series, we’ll learn how jQuery works, its powerful selector engine, what you can do with jQuery and how it has become the first choice for the majority of web developers.

What is jQuery and why use jQuery over Javascript?

When building any software there arise different kinds of issues. Sometimes these issues include compatibility and sometimes it’s so complex that the developers have to put huge efforts to perform simple tasks. Javascript also has these issues. Devs have to write the code compatible with all web browsers. If one script runs in one browser it might not run the same way in the other. It’s extremely frustrating. Also with Javascript, you’ve to write too much code to perform a simple task.

To solve these(and more) problems, developers built libraries also called Javascript frameworks. These frameworks provide easy to use functions that handle all the heavy lifting work from day-to-day development. Not only that, jQuery is an extremely easy to learn library. In Javascript, lots of code you write to do a task can be done in one word using jQuery.

For example, selecting an element with id “foo” –

With Javascript - Document.getElementById("foo");

With jQuery - $("#id");


The jQuery selector engine is very powerful. We’ll learn jQuery selectors in detail in later chapters.

jQuery is also very useful for writing AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) functionality in a website. In later chapters, we’ll learn how we can send AJAX requests, in the background, without even users noticing it.

jQuery is also very easy to learn. You won’t have to spend months to get used to it.

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