Setting Up jQuery Development/Testing Environment

The best way to learn a language is to get your hands dirty with it. To start with jQuery, we need to set up a simple development environment.

Install Web Browser & Firebug

To setup jQuery development environment, we just need to install Firefox and firebug plugin.

Install Firefox

Head over to the Firefox website to download it for your Operating system.

Download Firefox

Install Firebug

Firebug provides an excellent Javascript testing console. It’ll help us run and debug our code right from the browser.

To install Firebug, from Firefox move over to firebug website and click the download button. Firebug plugin page will open up, click “Add to Firefox” to add the plugin to your browser.

Install Firebug

After the installation completes, the firebug plugin icon (lightning bug) will appear in top right of the window. Click the icon to open up the console.

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