How Much Does WordPress Cost? – 2021

WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform and I have already explained WordPress in my previous articles. I have also explained how to setup a WordPress blog or website. In this article, I'll discuss how much does it cost to create a WordPress blog or Website. So keep reading!WordPress is the most popular content management platform (CMS). As of April 2016, WordPress was used by 26.4% top 10 million websites on the Internet. It is widely used because of its open-source nature. Anyone can download the source

Akismet WordPress Plugin Blocks Spam Comments – 2021

As your blog starts getting more traffic, there will be more readers commenting on your blog posts. You'll need to reply to their questions or doubts in the comments. But the thing is how easy and quick it is to post answers to comments. Let's see how to use Akismet WordPress plugin to block spam comments. What is Akismet and Why should one use it? There arise the couple of problems when you concentrate on your blog comments. There are notorious bots out there that post spammy comments on your blog posts. The

How To Create Your Own Website Or Blog – 2021

In my earlier posts, I explained what WordPress is and how you can use it to create your own website or blog. But in this post, I will walk you through the steps of creating your own website or blog right from the beginning. It's even before you install WordPress. If you're thinking to start a blog to earn money or to show off your amazing work to the world then this is the right place to start with. So without any further adieu, let's get started! Why Should You Have A Website Or Blog? Before you start with the

Responsive WordPress Themes – How Important Responsive Themes Are For Your WordPress Sites?

I have talked about WordPress themes earlier in the article on how to install WordPress themes. It was only a glimpse of WordPress themes. There is much more about it than I will share in this article. In this article, you will know more about responsive WordPress themes and also how important these themes are for your site ranking in the search engines. So let's dive in and discuss responsive WordPress themes. What Are Responsive WordPress Themes? It's not rocket science to understand responsive

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