Firefox Quantum - The Google Chrome Killer?

Firefox Quantum - The Google Chrome Killer?
firefox quantum version 66

Firefox Quantum. The browser market has always been hot with new web-browsers rolling out every now and then wanting to hit the No.1 spot. Entries like Firefox, Opera, and Edge have been among the best, but nothing comes even close to Google’s Chrome. Mozilla has launched its latest offering ’Firefox Quantum’ to take on Google Chrome.

Firefox Promises twice the speed with significantly reduced resource consumption as an answer to our beloved Google Chrome, which does offer speed but consumes too many resources.

How To Install Firefox Quantum?

So the installation is pretty much like any other previous version of Firefox. You download an installer from the official site and run it to install. The installation takes up around 270 MB of your disk space.

firefox quantum installer

The First Impression

firefox quantum user interface

I could smell a little effervescence of Microsoft Edge with the tab design. The new tab page features a list of your most used websites. This list is dynamic, but you could still pin them permanently to act as Quick-Access / Bookmarks.

The User Interface

customize firefox quantum

Mozilla sure has worked on the UI and UX to bring a product that you can connect with. Apart from the themes and toolbar widgets customizations that work right out of the box with every configuration in one place. Another thing I feel that’s worth mentioning is the Density Setting that you can see at the bottom. It allows for compact, normal and Touch options that make the icons and widgets and all other elements more friendly to that setting.

Everything Else

firefox options

You can Run All your extensions from Firefox, your themes, sync your history and bookmarks etc. It is basically a mod of Firefox by Firefox, so you get updates from Firefox like it is Firefox because it is.

Performance against Chrome

Since Firefox Quantum’s USP is its performance with low resource consumption, I decided to run a few tests to find out if it is what it says it is.


firefox quantum resource usage

There wasn’t any delay in the launch time in any of them. The RAM consumption with Quantum was more or less equal to Chrome, however with CPU usage, Quantum had the upper hand.

A Few Tabs Open

firefox quantum open tab test

I decided to run a few tabs open test with a YouTube homepage and a video playback tab open in both of those browsers and here are the results.

Honestly, it didn’t turn out what I was expecting, Quantum lost it to Chrome in resource consumption. This was not a very comprehensive test though. Maybe a detailed test could help understand better.


It is better than Chrome, The UI has a bit of a flash-factor for it quick speed. They have eliminated unwanted animations and quickened the transition speeds.


Mozilla’s new entrant, The Firefox Quantum is a new layout for the already existing Firefox browser, no matter what we say, it is our old Firefox under the hood. I have loved the new and non-clutter design and loved the UX. The performance is also slightly better. The resource consumption doesn’t seem appealing and if Mozilla wants to go toe to toe with Chrome it will have to look into it.

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