How To Create First Google Adwords Campaign

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Here I am with the new article about how to create the first Google AdWords campaign, You might be wondering what is a campaign and why you need it. Well do not worry about it I will be explaining it to you. We will be creating a search. The picture of a search Ad is underneath.

Before we start you need to remember some names which are underneath.

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad Group
  3. Ad
  4. Keywords
shoes Google Search

Note – These names have nothing to do with the person who will see your Ad. These are the components of your own Google AdWords account. Together they build the structure of your campaign. You can call them the most important blocks of your AdWords account. Now let’s start.  🙂


An AdWords campaign is a home for your Ad Groups. Imagine you have this massive store of outfits and you want to advertise for it on Google AdWords. You need to first create a campaign and then inside the campaign, you would create your Ad Groups, keywords, and Ads. You are selling all kinds of outfits in your store. You will keep the name of your Campaign as your business name.

If you want you can leave it as the default name which will be Campaign#1 since you are creating your first campaign. I suggest you keep it as your business name because it is easy to remember with one campaign in your AdWords account. Imagine you are dealing with hundreds of campaigns. It will be almost impossible to remember which campaign belongs to which business that is why keeping it as your business name is handy.

Ad Group

The Ad Group is the internal block of your campaign. You will create Ad group inside your campaign. Now you must be thinking why you need Ad Group. Imagine your outfits store which has all kinds of clothes, take for example Ladies outfits and gents outfits. How would it be if you keep all the stuff in one place inside the store and it will be difficult for the customers to go to find the product that they want? Same goes with your campaign, it will be difficult for you when you want to make changes in an Ad which is for Ladies Hats.

You will create a lot of Ads for all of your products. They might be 100 or more than 100. It might be difficult to find one Ad. I would suggest you, divide the products into two parts Ladies Outfits and Gents Outfits. By doing this you know which Ad group you need to go into and then you will click on the Ads Tab to see the Ads inside that Ad group. You can use the search option and find the Ad.

One more benefit you have, you can easily find out which line of your business of not doing good. When you will have ladies and gents Ad groups divided their numbers will also be divided. It will clearly show which line of business is doing better than the other and you can improve that specific line. It will affect your future plans, you may decide to put more money on the business which is giving you more revenue.


The keywords are the words relate to the users’ query on Google search. For example, if your keyword is “Formal Shoes” someone who is searching for Formal shoes in New York and your targeting area is New York the person will see your Ad. The keywords work as the engine of your car and if your car does not have an engine, it can not move. Same goes with keywords if your Campaign does not have keywords it cannot run the Ads. Google AdWords will not be able to decide who to show your Ads. As we understand that there is not a specific way of searching for a product on Google, different people search differently.

So there can be hundreds of keywords in your campaign about a product. Imagine when you are advertising for hundreds of products, it is almost impossible to come up with all possible combination of words that can be used to search for those products. So you might be thinking about how to find keywords for AdWords? Well, there is a way to do with using the Keywords planner tool.

Keywords planner is a tool which is designed by Google to help you find the most relevant keywords for your business. It can scan your website and give you the relevant keywords according to the content on your website. I will be digging deeper into how to search keywords for AdWords some other day. This time, you know that you have a way to find good keywords.
Now let’s talk about the types of keywords in your Google AdWords account.

  • We broadly have three types of match types.
  1. Broad Match Type.
  2. Phrase Match Type.
  3. Exact Match Type.

Broad Match Type

When you add keywords in Google AdWords campaign your keywords might be a combination of multiple words. If you have a store of outfits then your keyword might be Red Tshirt. If that is the case then your Ad might show up for just for Red or Tshirt.  An ad can also show up for Red SHOES or Red CAP.  This match type can also show your Ad for synonyms just like HAT is a synonym is of CAP.

Phrase Match Type

By using this type of Match type you can give instructions to Google that only show up your Ad when any given phrase is available in user’s search query. Let’s take the same example again. Your keyword is Red Tshirt. The will only show up when RED Tshirt as a phrase is available in user’s search query. However, this match type gives the leverage that they can add some suffix or prefix to the keywords, They can type something like this Red Tshirt store or Beautiful Red Tshirt.

The ad will not show up in Google Search results if something is missing from the phrase. If someone will search for just RED or Just Tshirt. The ad will also not go for the search result if any word of the search is replaced by any other word. For Instance, Ad will not show for Yello or Blue Tshirt.

Exact Match Type

As the name explains, in this type of match type the Ad will only show up for the exact same phrase or word, This match type works like Phrase match but the only difference is that it does not allow suffix or prefix. If the keyword is Red Tshirt then Ad will only show up for Red Tshirt. In this type of match type, the traffic will be less but the traffic quality will increase. Only those people who are searching for RED Tshirt will see the Ad and no other phrase or word will show the Ad.

Except for these match types, there is one more match type which you can say a part of the Broad match type. It is called Broad Match Modifier. 
A Broad Match modifier focuses specifically on one word or multiple words in a keyword. If your keyword is Red +Tshirt and you want to show the Ad for this keyword but if the user is missing the word Tshirt in the query the Ad should not show up. That sign is giving instructions to Google that if a person is missing on Tshirt so do not show his Ads.

An advertiser can use + sign multiple times such as +Red +Tshirt. In this case, the advertiser does not want to show the Ads if the user is missing either of these words Red or Tshirt.

Note – + sign is a sign of modifier in Google AdWords Match types. 

  • To understand Broad Match modifier you can also watch the video underneath which is made by Google’s team.

I hope you are familiar with the most important Google names. Let us move to the next step and talk about creating a campaign. Please have a look at the screenshots underneath which is showing you how to create your first campaign.

Create First Google AdWords Campaign

First page of Google adwords
google adwords part 1 screenshot
Google adwords express part 2 of screenshot
create first Google adwords campaign
adwords Daily Bidget
adwords Location
google adwords Networks
how to find keywords for adwords
billing 1
Billing 2
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

As they say, A picture says a thousand words. That is I have made the pictures for you explaining all these options. You do not need to read more but just go ahead and follow the pictures underneath.
In order to create a new campaign you need to go to and you will see the page underneath.

Part 1 of the screenshot.

Next screen after pressing the Continue button.
And next Screen after switching to AdWords.
On this page, you clearly see the campaign settings that should be set up by you.
As they say, A picture says a thousand words. That is I have made the pictures for you explaining all these options. You do not need to read more but just go ahead and follow the pictures underneath.

After pressing Save and Continue you will be taken to the next page. This next page is of your Billing page. Here you need to put your billing information so that Google can charge you for clicks. I am going to provide you a screenshot of that page in two parts underneath.
After pressing this Save and Continue button you would be congratulated. Your first campaign is created and now you should wait until your Ads are reviewed and start running. This review process might take approximately 24 hours. 24 Hours is the maximum time but they might start running in a couple of hours as well. You might receive an email saying that Ads have been approved and now running.
After your Ads start running when you will login into the account, you can see all the details about your campaign. If you try to create your second campaign, the process is a little bit changed. Underneath I am going to provide you screenshots by looking at them you can create your second campaign.

After clicking on Search Network with Display Select you will see this new page underneath.

Part 2 of the screenshot.

Part 3 of the screenshot.
Once you hit Save and Continue here your campaign is complete. Hurrah! Your first Google AdWords campaign setup is complete.
Hope this information is helpful.

AdWords Promo Code/Promotional Coupon code

adwords promo code

When you start your new Google AdWords account, you can check if your account is eligible for a coupon code. In most cases, I have seen users get a promotional code. To check about your coupon code, you can click here and you will be taken to a page underneath where you need to put your Google AdWords email address and fill the CAPTCHA code, and then hit the Get your Offer button.

I hope this information is helpful to you guys.
Have a good one!  🙂

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