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Microsoft VS-code – Finally A Free, Fast & Cross Platform Code Editor

If there is one thing a developer can ever ask for is a good code editor for the love of God. I have tried at the very least 30 or more code editors and felt incomplete somewhere or the other. Being very honest I pretty had fallen in love with sublim

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Bitvise – the perfect putty replacement for SSH on windows

If you host your own server, or your company’s server. Then you probably use SSH for that. As much as SSH is natively supported on Linux, it is still a dream to get native SSH support on windows. So people...

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Handbrake – The Best Free Video Compressor

Video files have always been known to consume too much of your storage space, an average video file in 720p HD resolution in average quality can take up at least 1 GB of storage with only 10-15 minutes of recording...

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List Of Default Software I Use On Windows

The Software market is high. It is not like the olden days when all you had were a handful of choices. Today you have more than a dozen of software that could do the same job for you. I have...

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The Best Free Password Managers

In an age of cyber threats, every website and service wants to protect its users from being hacked. They are extremely particular about you choosing a strong and unique password so that your privacy doesn’t get compromised at all. But...

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Opera Neon – The Future Of Web Browsers?

Opera the company behind The Opera Browser has been working on something. It is another browser called Opera Neon. (more…)

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