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The internet runs on protocols. Rules and norm defined so that there is some form of standardization. One such protocol is the HyperText Transfer Protocol(HTTP).

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Can people in IT solve any Technical problem?

Being a web developer, I spend major parts of the day glued to my computer screen. For some reasons, this makes people think I know everything in the world about computers and technology. This leads to my family and friends...

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15 Cheapest Electric Cars With More Autonomy You Can Buy Now – Part 2

If you look at the cars with the highest average autonomy currently on the market, there are no surprises.

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The BMW 8 Series Cabrio Arrives In March 2019 With A V8 Twin Turbocharged Gasoline And A Six Cylinder Diesel

Last summer BMW introduced its new and luxurious flagship, the BMW 8 Series Coupe, and now the Bavarian manufacturer shows for the first time the convertible version or BMW 8 Series Cabrio, which will be in dealerships

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15 Cheapest Electric Cars With More Autonomy You Can Buy Now

The automobile industry is quite clear, the future of individual mobility passes through the electric car. Some manufacturers do not close doors and also bet without renouncing the electric

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Are the new GTX 1050 3GB GPUs really worth it?

Earlier this year Nvidia announced another graphics card in their densely populated line-up of GTX 1000 series. This was the Nvidia GTX GeForce 1050 3GB variant which is supposedly faster than a usual GTX 1050 2GB but on the other...

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