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Manually Block Websites Without Any Software Using Host File

At times you might want to block websites on your computer or your kids' computer(Depending upon who is more naughty). Now you could create firewall rules or use some antivirus to do it but the best way to achieve this...

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Save Files Directly To Google Drive And Download 10 Times Faster

So recently I had to download the update package for my phone but when I started downloading it, I found it was too big in size. Approximately 1.5 GigaByte. Considering the download speed it would have taken me at least...

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What Are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) ? How Can You Benefit Out Of MOOCs?

Massive Open Online Courses abbreviated as MOOCs are the invention of the modern era in the educational field. MOOCs represents high-quality education.

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5 Best Online Image Editor Free For Websites, Blogs And Social Media

Images are everywhere, from a small blog post to social media. One of the best ways to attract customers to your content is through a unique and attractive graphic that describes what the whole content is all about. There are...

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