Mohd Sohail

Mohd Sohail

Top Windows Networking Commands

Top Windows Networking Commands Featured Image

Windows has some good command line utilities for networking purposes. These Windows Networking commands are really helpful for network specialists as well as normal people. Let us have a look at some of these commands in this article.

Google Peering – 10 Times Faster Internet

Google Peering - 10 Times Faster Internet Featured Image

Before we talk about  Google Peering, Google owns the smartphone market and this has led to the popularity of all of its services such as Google Drive, Youtube, Play Store, etc. Since we spend significant time on these services it…

What is Lucky Patcher

What is Lucky Patcher Featured Image

Lucky patcher is the ruling king when it comes to modifying android apps. Lucky patcher can modify your android apps to do some amazing things. In the easiest of terms, it can be called an app cracker. However, all good…

The Easiest PDO Tutorial (Basics)

The Easiest PDO Tutorial Featured Image

Today’s topic is the Easiest PDO tutorial. Approximately 80% of the web is powered by PHP. And similarly, a high number goes for SQL as well. Up until PHP version 5.5, we had the mysql_ commands for accessing MySQL databases…

Best Android Casual Games You Must Try

Best Android Casual Games You Must Try Featured Image

Best Android Casual Games. Who needs serious hours of game-play when you could spend your minutes waiting for the bus playing something casual. No commitments to make, No stories to follow. Just start the game and have some fun. Here…