Mohd Sohail

Mohd Sohail

What is a Load Balancer | Load Balancing Explained

When we see websites, we see a single server responding to requests from various users. Which is very much true for most websites. But some websites receive a lot of incoming traffic. They are serving hundreds of thousands of users at any given moment, These kinds of websites cannot be served from a single server, no matter how powerful it is. This is where Load Balancing comes into the picture.

Here Is Why I Finally Switched To Firefox

Here Is Why I Finally Switched To Firefox Featured Image
However, a few weeks back I was on a system with Firefox pre-installed and I was too lazy to install Chrome. So I ended up using Firefox for a few days and haven’t switched back till date. I have found some good reasons that Firefox has worked for me as my default browser and it might as well for you.

How to Avoid Windows Additional Partitions

How to Avoid Windows Additional Partitions Featured Image

Learn how to prevent the creation of unnecessary Windows additional partitions and optimize your system’s storage. Follow our informative guide to reclaim valuable disk space and streamline your Windows experience. 1. Understanding Windows Additional Partitions Before we delve into the…