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The Easiest PDO Tutorial (Basics)

Approximately 80% of the web is powered by PHP. And similarly, high number goes for SQL as well. Up until PHP version 5.5, we had the mysql_ commands for accessing mysql databases but they were eventually deprecated due to insufficient...

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Top Android Casual Games You Must Try

Who needs serious hours of game-play when you could spend your minutes waiting for the bus playing something casual. No commitments to make, No stories to follow. Just start the game and have some fun. Here we have made a...

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Google’s Project Treble For Fast Android Updates

Fast Android Updates, This one thing Android users always complain about is not getting updates. While our dear friends with Apple devices enjoy regular updates to IOS. With project treble, Google might just end up solving the problem with regular...

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Best Alternatives To Bootstrap

Bootstrap has been ruling the charts when it comes to the best responsive frameworks for designing front-end for websites. However, there are some other names that you may not have heard of but are equally good. So here is a...

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