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What Is A CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

Have you ever wondered how big websites like Verge, Google, or WordPress manage to have fast connections everywhere in the world? Or have you perhaps ever seen a website address like “” or read about it in a tech article?...

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How Much Does WordPress Cost?

WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform and I have already explained WordPress in my previous articles. I have also explained that how to setup WordPress blog or website. In this article, I'll discuss that how much does it...

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Best Code Editors for Linux and Windows

Best Code Editors There are a lot of code editors for Linux and Windows, in this article you will find the best code editors available right now. (more…)

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Akismet WordPress Plugin Blocks Spam Comments

As your blog starts getting more traffic, there will be more readers commenting on your blog posts. You'll need to reply to their questions or doubts in the comments. But the thing is how easy and quick it is to...

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