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Ninite – Install Or Update Multiple Apps Together On Windows

One big problem with Windows is searching and installing software. Here we do not have a Play Store like Android or an App Store like IOS. We have to manually go to the software's website, download it and install it. The...

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Moto Z And Moto Z Force To Be Available Soon With Quick Charging Capability

Hi Android Lovers, Here is the latest news from Android World that Motorola has released its new flagship devices. The names of new devices are Moto Z and Moto Z Force. You must be thinking about the differences. Well, the differences are...

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Microsoft To Release Surface Phone After Tablets

Hi People, We have been using Microsoft tablets for a while now and this is the time for some change. There have been rumours around since November 2016 that Microsoft has been working on its new device called Surface phone and...

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WordPress Plugin Tutorial — How To Install WordPress Plugins

Yesterday I wrote the article on how to select and install the right theme for your blog or website. No doubt it's very important to have a good-looking, responsive and best-fit theme for your blog/website. So if you've not yet...

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How To Downgrade Windows Phone 10 To Windows Phone 8.1 Using Windows Device Recovery Tool – Part 2

This article is the Part 2 of the article 'How To Upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 To Windows 10 Insider Preview'. All of you who upgraded would be enjoying the new features going to be launched with stable Windows Phone 10....

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