Send Email Letters To Yourself In Future With Futureme

I recently came across this amazing website called futureme. Futureme is a service that lets you send letters in form of emails to your future self. The basic idea is that you write a letter and register your email. Then this letter is sent to your registered email after some years. So let us have a look at this website.
Here is the homepage that you see as you first visit,

Nothing special about the user interface, you can see that there is a text box where you can write the contents of your letter. You can get that email delivered in 1, 2 or 5 years. You can even set a custom date for getting that email.
Then you have an option to keep the contents of the letter private or make it publicly anonymous. When a letter is made publicly anonymous, it is made visible for everyone after it matures.
There is a whole section dedicated to such publicly anonymous letters and you can read letters that have reached maturity in time and been delivered.

You can clearly see the above two letters that were written almost 12 years ago. So we can be very sure that this services will deliver our letters on time.
The website was initially created in 2002 by Matt Sly and has been successfully running ever since. Though the website is completely free, you can pay a donation and join the premium squad. The premium options include some merch and an ad-free experience on the site.


Futureme is a great service where you can write letters to yourself in the future. Though I haven’t received my letter in the future yet, I am pretty sure I will get it on time. The site is free to use and hopefully will stay so. So what are you waiting for? Go write a letter to yourself in the future.

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