Save Files Directly To Google Drive And Download 10 Times Faster

So recently I had to download the update package for my phone but when I started downloading it, I found it was too big in size. Approximately 1.5 GigaByte.
downloading miui update from chorme
Considering the download speed it would have taken me at least 1 – 1.5 hour to download that file and honestly, I didn’t have much time. Now my download speed may be slow but my ISP has Google Peering. Which means that I get incredible speeds on All Google products like Google Drive, Youtube, and PlayStore. 
So I found a web-service called savetodrive. This website can save files from the web directly to your Google Drive folder. And then you can download it from your google drive which will be much faster.
So let’s see how to do it.

Step 1

Get the Download URL of the file. Copy it to your clipboard.

Step 2

Head over to savetodrive and click on Authenticate.
savetodrive to save files to cloud drive
This will ask for your permissions to use google drive. Click on Allow.

Step 3

You will see the following page again. Just enter the download link in the url box and click on Upload.
savetodrive download file directly to cloud
You will start seeing upload progress bar. You can see that the upload speed is 48 MBps, So it will upload my 1.5 GB file in about 30-35 seconds. Once that is done, head over to your Google Drive and you will see the uploaded file.
google drive savetodrive
So the file that begins with miui is my file that I just uploaded. Now I can download it at great speed.
how to download miui update from browser
Now you can see my download speed is around 5 Mbps so I will download the that file in 5-6 minutes.
So that was it guys. I always download my files like this. The service is completely free of charge and totally amazing.

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