Author: Mohd Sohail

Author: Mohd Sohail

I am very excited to write my first post. With all the excitement and energy, I’m moving ahead with my blogging career by publishing some of the most interesting, fun and important stuff on But, before all of that let me introduce myself. My name is Mohd Sohail, a commerce student by the profession and a blogger by interest. Does it mean I was not interested in Accounting? NO! I was interested in accounting too, but because of my elder brother who is currently working in Google, I’m more interested in technology, programming (although could not complete C# course but know and practice HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails & much more stuff). But the blogging is not just the matter of interest and fun, I’ve experience in Linux, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Windows Administration and tricks to solve day to day computer related problems.

My Technical Qualifications

I Graduated in Commerce, in the year I’m starting this blog, 2015. As I told above I’ve always been interested in technology, online world rather than offline activities. I passed most of my teenage life with computers and watching my elder brother programming and solving problems. In 2012, I joined DCA (Diploma In Computer Application) and CCC (Course On Computer Concept) and I qualified both of the courses in 2014. But I have been in blogging way before I joined any computer courses.

My Other Blogs

I had been running a blog with a free sub-domain for about three years before I joined DCA and CCC and even before I qualified my 12th. My first blog was with a free, sub-domain name hosted on the easiest to use platform, Weebly. But I could not do well because I was busy with my study and secondly the stuff needed to blog, I did not have. So after I shut that blog down, I kept on learning about web hosting, SEO and blogging. And after three years of shutting down my first blog, I turned to blogging again. I purchased web hosting and a domain on 20, Nov, 2014, is my successful blog that I love to post at. Within a year, is currently ranking 101,304 globally and 46,103 in India (check out more Alexa rank for other countries here). Other than LinuxAndUbuntu and TheITstuff, I’ve more blogs on gaming, online shpping etc. More on that later.

What Is All About (The IT Stuff) is one of my favorite blogs that I’m going to manage along with all my studies. I and other writers (who will join me) will provide interesting stuff all related to our day-to-day computing or online life. I will more try to focus on the articles series on different topics such as Web development, web designing, Blogging and WordPress tutorials etc. The Internet of things has much more to give us and we’ll provide all the stuff that is very useful. With all being said, I welcome all the lovers of TheITstuff.

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