Chrome 64 Released With Stronger Pop-up Blocker, Spectre Mitigations And Other Security Fixes

Yesterday Chrome 64 released with much awaited features and some security patches. Chrome is used by more than a billion users around the globe. Taking this in mind, chrome has implemented a stronger pop-up blocker. This new update has also patched Spectre, the security flaw in CPU which allows attacker to read sensitive information from system memory.

There is zero change in the user interface of the browser. If you hate malvertising popups on the websites which force you to download a .apk or .exe file, then Google has implemented a stronger pop-up blocker in Chrome 64. It will block all the elements which behave differently than their look. For example, a play button on a video starts downloading a .exe or when you close a popup, instead of closing the pop-up, it opens multiple new tabs or windows.
chrome 64 stronger popup blockerI personally think the stronger popup blocker is really good for both, the visitors and publishers. Last year I received multiple reports from visitors that they were seeing some annoying ads pop-ups on my website. When I looked at the ads settings, I found that I had switched off all kind of pop-ups from showing up on the website. Even after that the ad company which I have now quit was showing popups to my readers. I immediately switched the ad company.
For publishers to see which part(s) of their website is(are) marked as abusive, they can use Google Abusive Experience Tools. Select a property/website and the tool will show you the status of your website. Currently, none of my websites has been reviewed by Google. All I see is this page.

google abusive experience reportChrome 64 includes patch against Spectre flaw

For tech guys, the start of the year 2018 was not so good. We saw two security flaws in almost all CPUs namely, Meltdown and Spectre hit the internet like nothing in the first week. Everyone started talking about it. We got to know the security flaws can also be triggered using javascript programming in the web browser and can allow the attacker to read sensitive information.
Google and all other web browsers companies announced that they were working on providing fixes against both these flaws. In Chrome 64 the patch against spectre has been released.
Other than these two major updates, there are many new features for web developers. You can check a complete changelog here.

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