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What is Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is the ruling king when it comes to modifying android apps. Lucky patcher can modify your android apps to do some amazing things. In the easiest of terms, it can be called an app cracker. However, all good...

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Top 10 Hacking Tools Of Hackers

Hacking is no easy game. Just as much are the skills need, you require the best of tools. Modern day hacking and penetration testing have been greatly benefited by the presence of several tools. Let us have a look at...

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Three Chinese Hackers Indicted For Hacking Three Corporations – United States

A thief can't go and cross borders to steal some very sensitive information but a bad hacker can. The United States has indicted three Chinese hackers for hacking three corporations' very sensitive information.¬† (more…)

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Top 10 Hacking Techniques Used By Hackers

We live in a world where cyber security has become more important than physical security, thousands of websites and emails are hacked daily. Hence, It is important to know the Top hacking techniques used by hackers worldwide to exploit vulnerable targets all...

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