The Best PHP Content Management Systems On The Internet

PHP is a name you hear quite frequently on the Internet. After all, it contributes to over 70% of the total sites out there. However, having to write redundant code and reinventing the wheel for every site is not feasible. It makes more sense to have more developers come together and build a common system that can be used by everyone. This is the reason we have Content Management Systems.

What Is A Content Management System?

A Content Management System or CMS is a basic framework or application that can be used to manage digital content in a website or application. Content Management Systems are used extensively to create blogs, e-commerce websites, web applications and a lot more. They provide a standard way to manage your data and content. Here in this article let us have a look at some of the top PHP CMS on the internet.


You have probably already heard about this. WordPress is the most popular CMS with the largest user base. With WordPress, you can create blogs, portfolio sites, e-commerce sites etc. Many people even use WordPress as the backend for their apps. WordPress is completely open source so you can download it for free form here. Also, WordPress is also offered as a SAAS from WordPress is extremely easy to use and hence attracts many new developers.


If WordPress were to ever truly have a competitor, it would be Drupal. Drupal only second to WordPress is one of the finest and most used frameworks. Due to a little more complexity, Drupal is not very famous among newbies. Drupal can help create websites, media platforms, blogs etc. Drupal is completely open source and you can download it from its official site. You can also use the SAAS version of Drupal from here.


Magento is the most famous e-commerce platform. Though other CMS allow flexibility with what you can do with them, Magento has one purpose. Magento is used exclusively in e-commerce stores and offers many features that make setting up an online store easy. Magento was acquired by Adobe recently. Though the open source version is still available for download, we are not sure how long before Adobe completely makes it private.


Joomla belongs to the WordPress and Drupal family. It is a little less popular than Drupal but still used by many developers around the globe. Joomla powers simple to complex website, Web apps, blogs, online stores and much more. Like most other CMS framework Joomla is open source and available to download from the official site.


PHP-Nuke is another open source PHP CMS, that can be used to build sites with ease. PHP-Nuke mainly focuses on blog and news publishing websites. It has features that attract authors and writers. PHP-Nuke was initially open source but later it became closed source for a while only to again become open source and stay so.


A CMS can prevent you from writing redundant code saving significant amount of time. We discussed some of the best PHP content management systems on the internet. Most of the times we talk about a CMS, WordPress is the only thing that tops the charts. However, each CMS has its own strong and weak points. If I missed any of your favorites, do let me know in the comments section.

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