The Best Free Password Managers

In an age of cyber threats, every website and service wants to protect its users from being hacked. They are extremely particular about you choosing a strong and unique password so that your privacy doesn’t get compromised at all. But with the given number of web services that we use every day, it might become extremely difficult to manage so many of these passwords.

Here comes Password Manager, a tool that can secure and manage all your passwords inside a vault with a master password. So all you need to remember is one master password. Let us now have a look at the best free password managers available for Windows.

1. LastPass – Simplify your life’

LastPass is hands-down the best password manager with an extremely easy to use interface.
lastpass password manager webapp
It automatically groups your passwords by the type of service and displays them in a very non-clutter way. It stores an unlimited login information for you and also autocompletes them in your web forms.
The free version is pretty much enough for an average user but for a premium upgrade you get a whole bunch of new stuff customized for your usage. You can see the plans in the image below.
lastpass plans

2. Dashlane – Never forget another password

Dashlane is the simple secure way to manage your passwords. It syncs your passwords across multiple devices and the grouping is also pretty cool.
dashlane password manager official website
The password generator is also very easy to use and generates random passwords on the fly without you having to break a sweat.
lastpass password generator
I just felt that the desktop app was too much and it would have been better if we could just have the extension. Apart from that, great tool.
If you ever feel the need to upgrade to premium you get that for $ 3.33/Month which includes 2-factor authentication and VIP support.

3. Sticky Password

Sticky password has been loved by many security enthusiasts and it boasts true cross-platform support. After having used Lastpass and Dashlane the setup procedure of Sticky password felt a little too much, but once it was up, running things were good.
sticky password windows application

4. Roboform

‘You’ll never need to remember or type your passwords again’. Roboform is yet another strong entry and it offers all features that the above options do. The pricing included a premium plan that allows features such as web access, cloud backup, and sharing functionality.
roboform password manager

5. Google Smart-lock

This isn’t your traditional password manager but I believe for people living in the Google World, this is amazing.
google password manager
Like most Google services, Smartlock is completely free and if you have an android device you are going to love it. I recently found that it also works inside apps so Google lovers, Smartlock is for you.


We saw the list of the Best Free Password Managers. LastPass was the best with easy installation and usage. Dashlane also followed the same path. Roboform and Sticky Password took some time to set up. Google Smart-lock works uniquely and I personally use it myself.
That was our list. If we missed out any of your favorites, do let us know in the comment section below.

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