Automatically Share Photos With Friends In Their Google Photos

The biggest problem with attending events and parties is not socializing with your ex, but sending photos to every person after the party. It is always a hassle. To solve this Google photos has launched an amazing feature that solved the ‘Hey! Can you send me those pics from that party problem’.

Before we do this, I am assuming you already use Google Photos for your backups.
Google photos
So fire up your Google photos app and click on the Hamburger menu, select the Share your library option. You will be prompted, just click on Get Started and add the email of the person who you want to share photos with.
google share photos library feature
Once you are done with this, the next screen will ask you to make a selection, it will be on All Photos by default so just change that to photos of specific people, and you will be taken to a screen’s selection of common faces found in your photos. I will just choose my brother who is in the middle and press DONE.
Google photos share library settings
It will next take you to a share confirmation window where you can just hit Accept and your part of the job is over.
confirm google photos share
Next, the other person aka my brother, in this case, needs to open up his Google Photos app and in the left side menu, he will see a new item which will be an invitation from me. All he needs to do is click on it and when the invitation window pops up just click Accept and BAM! We are done here.
accept google photos share invitation
Next, he/she will get all photos from your library that features him/her. Isn’t that cool?


Google Photos new feature allows us to share photos with people that feature them automatically. This will save significant time and hassle of sharing photos manually.
Did you check this feature out? Pretty cool. Isn’t it? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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