chrome 64 stronger popup blocker

Chrome 64 Released With Stronger Pop-up Blocker, Spectre Mitigations And Other Security Fixes

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Yesterday¬†Chrome 64 released with much awaited features and some security patches. Chrome is used by more than a billion users around the globe. Taking this in mind, chrome has implemented a stronger pop-up blocker. This new update has also patched Spectre, the security flaw in CPU which allows attacker to […]

oneplus 2 looks

How To Root Oneplus 2 Using Windows or Linux (OEM Unlocking)

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In the last article, I discussed how rooting android phone gives you more control over your phone. You can use the full power of your device that you could never be possible without rooting your device. In this article, I’ll show you how to root Oneplus 2. So let’s get […]

what is php and how php works

What Is PHP And How PHP Works

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Welcome, Everyone! In today’s article, we’ll talk about one of the most important programming languages of the Internet, PHP. We’ll discuss what PHP is and how PHP works. This is going to be a series of articles covering the basics of PHP to help PHP learners understand the language. So […]

mohd sohail

TheITstuff | My First Youtube Video (An Introduction to me and the Channel) | Mohd Sohail

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My name is Mohd Sohail, a blogger, a freelance web developer and a Linux system administrator. One of my successful blogs is is ranking 82,478 globally, 26,721 in India and 93,942 in the United States. I’m also a web developer and I have been developing web applications in […]