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What is Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is the ruling king when it comes to modifying android apps. Lucky patcher can modify your android apps to do some amazing things. In the easiest of terms,

What is an Arduino Board

Gone are the days when prototyping your electronic gadget required you to fiddle with the breadboard. Dirty design, unsteady wire connections and having to do too much to get simple

What Is Open Graph Protocol? Does Your Website Need It?

If you ever shared a YouTube video on Facebook, WhatsApp or any such social platform, you must have seen that we often get the thumbnail and description of that video

NASA 91 GBPS Internet Speed – The Reality

If you have been on the internet, you must have definitely seen this photo where a claim is made that NASA has an internet speed of 91 GB/S. (more…)

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Top Windows Networking Commands

Top Windows Networking Commands

Windows has some good command line utilities for networking purposes. These commands are really helpful for network specialists as well

Introduction To VPS Or Virtual Private Server

Introduction To VPS Or Virtual Private Server

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that's hosted somewhere in the world. A VPS provider divides a

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